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Tethered Soundings on Cable Car (CAB)

- Meteorological sounding system, primarily designed to be used with a tethered balloon
- Sample rate approx. 3 sec
- Temperature measurement by ventilated thermocouple
- Pressure measurement by Hypsometer (meteolabor)
- Humidity measurement by dewpoint mirror (meteolabor SnowWhite)
- Windspeed Measurement by propeller Anemometer (Kroneis 260 P/LP)
- Wind direction provided by electronic compass
- Three auxiliary analog inputs for additional sensors
- CNC – milled Styrodur housing, flat design for low aerodynamic drag
- Wind channel optimized positioning of sensors
- Power supply by rechargeable LiIon battery pack
- operating time 2.. 3 h, optional use of external battery for long time use
- 433 MHz / 139 channel GPRS data link, 4.8 kbps, usable range > 2 km
- Ground station consisting of antenna, receiver and computer
- Receiver has LC Display for monitoring purposes