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Dr.  Anke Kniffka

Dr. Anke Kniffka


Atmospheric Dynamics

CS 1

Phone: +49 721 608-43358

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research

Wolfgang-Gaede-Str. 1
D-76131 Karlsruhe

Currently I work as a Postdoc at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. I work in the project DACCIWA (Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa) which aims to assess the impact of anthropogenic emissions on human and ecosystem health and agricultural productivity. My part is the representation of the West African monsoon system in the numerical weather prediction model ICON (Icosahedral non-hydrostatic general circulation model) of the German weather service.

Research Interests

  • Tropical meteorology and climatology in particular West African Monsoon
  • Radiative impacts of clouds on the dynamics of the atmosphere
  • Remote sensing of the atmosphere from both, surface and space
  • Radiative transfer in 3D inhomogeneous media
  • Acoustic sounding of the atmosphere
  • Flow and dispersion models on mesoscale


Education & work experience

Since 2015                       Postdoc at KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany

Feb. 2009–Jan. 2015    Position at the Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring (CM SAF), German Weather Service. Planning, processing and validation of long-range time-series of atmospheric cloud properties from satellite measurements; six months group leader of the cloud section in CM SAF, as parental leave substitute

July 2013–Aug. 2013    Research stay at the Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI, USA with Prof. A. Kostinski in the framework of the program "DWD Wissenschaftler zu internationalen Organisationen", on the subject "record breaking statistics in satellite-derived time-series of cloud properties"

2006 – 2009                     Researcher in the project „Acoustic remote sensing study of the influence of internal gravity waves on the lower atmosphere“  together with the Obukhov Institute for Atmospheric Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences.

May 2008                         PhD at the Leipzig Institute for Meteorology, University of Leipzig, subject of the dissertation: "Influence of inhomogeneities of aerosols, clouds and surface on the 3D actinic irradiance in the atmosphere"

Jan 2002                           Diploma in Meteorology, title of thesis: “Implementation of a non-diffusive advection scheme in the numerical flow and dispersal model MISKAM”


Lecture on "Remote sensing and climate diagnostics" at the Goethe University, Frankfurt

Same lecture as guest at the Ruhr University, Bochum

Exercise on radiative transfer at the Leipzig Institute of Meteorology, University of Leipzig

Exercise on meteorology at the Leipzig Institute of Meteorology, University of Leipzig



Peer-reviewed journals

Cloud liquid water path in the sub-Arctic region of Europe as derived from ground-based and space-borne remote observations.
Kostsov, V. S.; Kniffka, A.; Ionov, D. V.
2018. Atmospheric measurement techniques, 11 (10), 5439–5460. doi:10.5194/amt-11-5439-2018
Why Do Global Climate Models Struggle to Represent Low-Level Clouds in the West African Summer Monsoon?.
Hannak, L.; Knippertz, P.; Fink, A. H.; Kniffka, A.; Pante, G.
2017. Journal of climate, 30, 1665–1687. doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-16-0451.1

Other publications

Why do global climate models struggle to represent low-level clouds in the West African summer monsoon?.
Knippertz, P.; Hannak, L.; Fink, A. H.; Kniffka, A.; Pante, G.
2017. EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 23–28 April 2017
The DACCIWA model evaluation project: representation of the meteorology of southern West Africa in state-of-the-art weather, seasonal and climate prediction models.
Kniffka, A.; Benedetti, A.; Knippertz, P.; Stanelle, T.; Brooks, M.; Deetz, K.; Maranan, M.; Rosenberg, P.; Pante, G.; Allan, R.; Hill, P.; Adler, B.; Fink, A. H.; Kalthoff, N.; Chiu, C.; Vogel, B.; Marsham, J.; Field, P.; Marsham, J.
2017. EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 23–28 April 2017
Sensitivity of the southern West African mean atmospheric state to variations in low-level cloud cover as simulated by ICON.
Kniffka, A.; Knippertz, P.; Fink, A. H.
2017. European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017, Vienna, Austria, 23-28 April 2017
Evaluation of cloud processes over West Africa in climate models.
Fink, A. H.; Kniffka, A.; Knippertz, P.
2016. Workshop on "Application of Satellite Climate Data Records in Numerical Modeling", ECWMF, November 15–17, 2016, Reading, UK
The representation of low-level clouds during the West African monsoon in weather and climate models.
Kniffka, A.; Hannak, L.; Knippertz, P.; Fink, A. H.
2016. EGU General Assembly, 17–22 April 2016, Vienna, A