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FAQ Institute

You are "new" at IMK-TRO?
You have forgotten some important administrative detailes?
Your colleagues could not answer your questions?

The frequently asked questions listed here may help you to pass through the labyrinth of administrative traps which couch for you in KIT administration day after day. If your question is not in the list and if there is no other public soure for the information you need, pleasse write down your question or your problem and send it to ulrich corsmeierVwo2∂kit edu or to heike vogelNhu7∂kit edu. We will work on the problem and, in case there is a common interest, we will publish your question and our answer in the FAQ-section.

Which Campus?

Which KIT Campus do I belong to?

CN and CS: The KIT Campus South (CS) is located in the City of Karlsruhe. The KIT Campus North (CN) is located to the North near Eggenstein. Both campuses follow slightly different administrative rules. This does not make things easier. The campus you belong to depends on the campus where the research project which funds your salary is administrated. Ask your group leader whether your contract is CS or CN. You do NOT necessarily belong to the campus where your office is located.

Link to KIT-administration

Who are our contact persons at the administration?

CN and CS: Click here, look at "Ansprechpartner/innen für Institute" and click on "IMK". If you have to talk to them personally, the administration at CN is the high building no. 141 next to the refectory (CN-map: At CS the administration is located in building 10.11 (CS-map:
CN and CS: The location of contact people can be found under intranet link „Personenverzeichnis“:

Important forms

Which forms are most important and where do I get them?

CN: "Zeitmeldung an Zeitwirtschaftsstelle" (blue form): This form you have to use in case of flexible working time or if you have forgotten/weren't able to clock in or clock out using the machines (Stechuhr). You get this form in the coffee room at 3rd floor (room 313) or from secretary 3rd floor (Rosi Gräbner).
CN: "Fehlzeitmeldung" (red form): This form is to apply for holiday or in case of illness. You get this form in the coffee room at 3rd floor (room 313) or from secretary 3rd floor (Rosi Gräbner).
CN: "Dienstreiseantrag": You get this form from secretary 3rd floor (Rosi Gräbner) or 7th floor (Silvia Deckert). For trips funded by GRACE you always need a Campus South form (see GRACE).
CN and CS: “Begleitformular für Veröffentlichungen” (publication form): see „Publications“
CS: The same applies to CS, forms are available at the secretary in room 13.22 (Doris Stenschke).

Signature authorisation

Who is allowed to sign which KIT forms?

CN: All forms relevant for staff members can be signed by the Head of the Institute, Prof. Ch. Kottmeier (Mrs. S. Deckert, 7th floor, room 706) and by the IMK-TRO Executive Secretary Dr. U. Corsmeier (3th floor, room 303).
“Dienstreiseantrag” (business trip) < 1000 EUR -> Heike Vogel (5th floor, room 505)
“Gleitzeit” (flexible working time) -> head of groups, Heike Vogel
“Urlaub, Krankheit” (holiday, illness) -> Heike Vogel
„Begleitformular für Veröffentlichungen“ -> Head of Institute
„Betriebsausweis“ (service card) -> Heike Vogel
„KIT Führerschein“ (KIT car driving licence) -> Ulli Corsmeier
CS: All forms relevant for staff members can be signed by the Head of the Institute, Prof. Ch. Kottmeier (Mrs. D. Stenschke, 13th floor, room 13.01).
“Dienstreiseantrag“ (Business trip) -> Professors
„Urlaub, Krankheit“ (holiday, illness) -> Professors
„Begleitformular für Veröffentlichungen“ -> Head of Institute only


In case I'm ill and cannot come to work, what do I have to do?

CN and CS: Please inform your supervisor (leader of your research group) and the responsible secretary at CN or CS about your absence from work by 9 a.m at the latest. The secretary must then report your absence to personnel department by means of a printed “absence of leave notification”. When you come back to work, get into contact with the secretary and fill in the form “return information” which has to be sent to personnel department by the secretary.
IMPORTANT: At the third day of your absence due to illness, you have to send an “Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung” from your doctor to your secretary (by mail or email). The third day includes also the weekends, e.g. if your first sick day is on Friday you have to hand in the certificate on Monday if you are still sick on Monday.


I need holiday! How to proceed in this case?

CN: Take a red form (“Fehlzeitmeldung”) from secretary 3rd or 7th floor and fill in the part “Erholungsurlaub”. Indicate the first and last day of your holiday and sign the form. Ask the head of your group for approval and submit the form at the secretary 3rd floor (Rosi Gräbner).
CS: Same as CN, forms are available in the secretary 13.22 (Doris Stenschke), signing of the form by the Profs. Kottmeier, Knippertz, Hoose, Fink, Pinto, Kunz and by Ulli Corsmeier (CN). Finally return it to Doris Stenschke at the secretary 13.22.

Flexible working time

In case I want to take flexible working time ("Gleitzeit"), do I have to hand in the blue form?

CN and CS: If you participate in the “Gleitzeit”-system at CN (i.e. you check in and out daily with your service card), you have to hand in (Rosi Gräbner) a blue form asking for “Gleitzeit”, otherwise it can lead to problems in case you have an accident at home and the insurance asks why you are at home and not at work. For further information about “Gleitzeit”, especially how to handle “overtime”, see (only in German).
Using “Gleitzeit” you have to be at work between 09:00 and 15:00 h, Monday to Friday; flexibility is between 06:00 and 09:00 h and between 15:00 and 20:00 h. You can ask for up to 5 days “overtime” per month.
CS: Daily working time for those who do not participate in the “Gleitzeit-system” is between 08:00 h and 16:30 h, Monday to Friday.

Working at home, “Telearbeit”

Can I do my work (partly) from home? What are the restrictions?

CN: In certain cases of social hardship and on compassionate grounds employees with CN-contract can do parts of their weekly work at home (“Telearbeit”). This is not before one year of employment at KIT. Telearbeit is restricted to one day per week or hours per day. The workplace at home has to fulfill certain needs which are summarized on the “Checkliste für Telearbeitsplätze”. Ask your personnel officer (Ralf Gehringer, Tel. 25004) for details or get more information on If you need to do “Telearbeit”, at first talk to the head of your research group.
CS: Up to now there are no rules for “Telearbeit” for CS employees. But things are moving right now (2017).

Business trip

I soon will have my first business trip and don't know what to do?

CN: Fill in the Campus North business trip form (just the top part) and get it signed by Heike Vogel (estimated costs of the trip <1000 Euro) or Ulli Corsmeier (no costs limit). Make a copy for yourself because sometimes questions come up. Give the form to the secretary 3rd floor (Rosi Gräbner). If you don't want tickets (hotel, train, airplane,...) from the travel agency (DER), you will get the form directly back. Only the attached small yellow sheet goes to the "Zeitwirtschaftsstelle" so that the administration will know that you will be away at that time. In case you need tickets from the travel agency, the secretary will send your form to the administration, they will check it and send it further to the travel agency. The agency will then contact you and send you suggestions of hotels etc. (either via mail but sometimes it can be easier to go directly to the agency). KIT travel agency (CN), email: kitEpk9∂de fcm travel; homepage: Follow the first street on the left when you leave Campus North at the southern entrance (it's the small building directly ahead). Now the tickets are bought, either by you or by the travel agency (the latter is recommended because then you don't have to loan your own money and all bookings are officially accepted by the administration) and you are able to travel. Don't forget to keep all receipts in any case (except those for meals). After the journey, paste all receipts to papers in the correct order to make it easy for the administration. Fill in the second part of your business travel form ("Reiseverlauf") and sign it again. (If you got tickets form the travel agency, you will get your form back a few days after your journey so that you can fill in the "Reiseverlauf".) Attach all the papers with the receipts to your travel form and make a copy for your documents. Hand in the original form to the secretary at 3rd floor. That's it. After a certain time (~months) you will get the settlement from the administration. In case you have loan money, they will send the amount to your bank account. Good advice: In case you want to link your business trip with a holiday, ask the administration (Mrs. Jacob) beforehand about the rules in this case to avoid problems.

CS: Fill in the CS business trip form (just the top part) and get it signed by Profs. Kottmeier, Knippertz, Hoose, Fink, Kunz and Pinto. Make a copy for yourself because sometimes questions come up. Give the form to Friederike Schönbein (13th floor, room 13.03). In case you don't want tickets (hotel, train, airplane, etc.) from the official travel agency (FCM Travel Stuttgart), you will get the form directly back. If you need railway and/or flight tickets from the travel agency ask Mr. Schönbein. During your trip, collect all receipts in any case (except those for meals). After the journey paste all receipts to papers in the correct order to make it easy for the administration. Fill in the second part of your business travel form ("Reiseverlauf") and sign it again. Attach all the papers with the receipts to your travel form and make a copy for your documents. Hand in the original form to Friederike Schönbein. After a certain time (~months) you will get the settlement from the administration. In case you have loan money, they will send the amount to your bank account. It is possible to connect your business trip with a private stay at your destination. This has to be pointed out in the business travel form. In this case, for the settlement after your trip you have to hand in a virtual offer (flight, railway, hotel) for the regular journey and/or return journey. The procedure may be a little tricky. For details ask Friederike Schönbein.


When do I have to fill in the "Planned Publication form" ("Begleitformular für Veröffentlichungen") and how does it work?

CN and CS: You have to fill in online the "Planned Publication Form" (“Begleitformular für geplante Veröffentlichung”) when you want to publish a paper, a contribution to a book, or a proceeding. Please submit this form BEFORE you submit your manuscript. You can find the form on the institute homepage going to "Interna"  or here. Fill in the self-explaining form and press the OK-Button. Now the publication form and the manuscript are send to Mrs. Schönbein and to your coauthors from KIT. A copy of the form is send to you for confirmation. Mrs. Schönbein takes care for the signatures of your head of group and the head of the institute on the form. Finally the form ist archived at IMK-TRO to check the completeness the IMK-TRO publications in the library KITopen.

Copyright conflicts

Beware of copyright conflicts!

CN and CS: In case you held a presentation, display a poster, publish a paper and the presentation, poster and paper slides are afterwards distributed to the audience or published on a website, make sure that your slides do not contain ANY pictures/figures or ANY OTHER material for which you don't have the copyright. Even for the smallest outside input you must have the copyright for publication. If you want to illustrate something with a picture it is the best to make the pictures yourself. You avoid a lot of trouble and expensive monetary penalty for KIT when strictly following the copyright rules.

IMK library

What rules are valid when using the IMK library

CN and CS: The IMK library CN is located in building 435, 7th floor, room 707; the IMK library CS is located in building 30.23, 13th floor, room 13.16. Both libraries are for use for employees and students. Both are reference libraries, which means that you should read the books within the library room or copy the paper you need.
(CS): If you need a book (for a short time) at your desk, write down your name and your office number on the marker in the book and put the marker at the book’s place in the storage rack. If don’t need the book any more, take it back to the library, delete your name on the marker and replace the book.
(CN): If you need a book (for a short time) at your desk, send an email to gerald wetzelHcb0∂kit edu and tell him which book you have taken from the library. If you have brought back the book, send a new email to gerald.wetzel∂

IT issues

Is there an overview document about IT issues at IMK-TRO?

CN and CS: Yes, look for the IMK-TRO IT-Handbook.
To log in use your KIT-account and password. IMK-TRO IT-Handbook contains all sorts of IT-related information on storage media, backup strategy, HPC-systems, VPN, email configuration, etc. For getting an account to use HPC-systems and computer outside KIT, ask the head of your research group, then fill in the respective form assisted by Gabi Klinck (CN) or Gerhard Brückel (CS).

Personal website

I would like to have a personal website (“Mitarbeiterseite”) on IMK-TRO homepage with detailed information about my education, experience, publications. What do I have to do?

CN and CS: If you don't have access to the Website Management System (WSM), please ask the person in the group who is responsible for maintenance of the AG-Homepage. He or she will do it for you. If you have access to WSM, login, go to the personal website where you want to include the detailed information, click on "Person bearbeiten", "Inhalte zur Person x hinzufügen, sortieren, entfernen", "Seite erstellen und verknüpfen", "Inhalte" and "Text", fill in the heading and click on "OK". Now you can change headings if necessary and add further information. Please keep in mind, the information you put on your website are accessible to the whole world.

Personal data

What about the safety of my personal data on the IMK homepage?

CN and CS: You can classify your personal data by setting various levels. For this purpose go to and login with your KIT-account. At “My Data/Privacy Settings” every KIT-employee and PhD student has to decide about publication of his/her personal data in the internet (column “public”) and in the KIT-intranet (column “KIT Network”). By selecting “Preview” you can check prior to publication which of your personal data will be visible. At the bottom of the page “Visibility Levels” and “Usage” are explained. Please consider allowing at least the phone number of your office to be available. This makes it easier for your colleagues to get in contact with you.

Document templates

Where can I find the templates for PowerPoint presentations/posters/dissertation in the KIT corporate design?

CN and CS: The official KIT templates (PowerPoint and LaTex) for presentations you can find here and for posters here. The LaTeX template for a dissertation you can find here.

Printing a poster

I have to print a poster. How is the procedure?

CN: The posters are printed at SCC. After your supervisor has agreed that you print the poster, go to the SCC print website, click on COPS (bottom of the page), login with your KIT-account, select the printer "Campus Nord - Großformat Normalpapier Farbplotter" (usually for a test print) or "Campus Nord - Großformat Fotopapier Farbplotter" (usually for the final print), upload your pdf and click on "print". You can follow the progress of your job here. If your poster has been printed, you can pick it up at SCC (Building 441). They also have a professional cutter. Check your poster on-site and cut the white edges if needed. It is the best to print it first on "Normalpapier", check if everything is correct and looks fine and then to print it on "Fotopapier".
CS: The difference to CN is to choose between “Campus-Süd - Großformat Normalpapier Farbplotter” or “Campus-Süd - Großformat Fotopapier Farbplotter” on the COPS-Website. The associated "Status / Warteschlange - Campus Süd"-websites are: "Großformat Normalpapier Farbplotter" or "Großformat Fotopapier Farbplotter". You can get the printed poster at basement (room -151) of SCC-Building 20.21.

Two-factor authentication; Token

I’ve got a token! What’s the use of it?

This information applies to === ALL === KIT employees

CN and CS: As part of IT security, a two-factor authentication (2FA) starting 13th November 2017 was introduced by presidential decision. Therefore a token is issued to every KIT employee. The token is required together with the KIT account and password to log on to the SAP-Webportal for doing - Personentagemeldungen (working days registration) - SRM issues - ESS/MSS (Employee/Manager Self-Services) services for flexitime, holidays, pay slip, … - BW (Business Warehouse) issues, etc. ESS/MSS will be introduced separately in the individual institutes. At the latest after this introduction, YOU will also need the token!
ToDo: Link the token with your KIT-Account, go to then to Tokenmanagement
More information is available on: Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung (2FA) am KIT
Die am KIT eingesetzten Token
The following apps are recommended for using a TAN generator on your smartphone:
- FreeOTP
- OTP-Auth

The loss of the token must be reported to the SCC-service desk (see also backup list of TANs). The tokens can also be returned to Gabi Klinck (CN) respectively Gerhard Brückel (CS) when leaving KIT.

Buying work material

I have to buy something as a part of my work. How is the procedure?

CN: Talk to your supervisor or group leader. If he agrees, he will provide you with the FE-Number you need for your order. Now you can go to colleagues with an SRM account (Stephan Kraut, 3rd floor, room 317 or Rosi Gräbner, 3rd floor, room 304, e.g. secretary). They will put your order in the system, the supervisor has to approve it and then your order will be placed and finally delivered.
CS: Talk to your supervisor or group leader. If he agrees, ask Friederike Schönbein for putting the order in SRM.

New PhD student at IMK

I am a new PhD student at IMK, what paperwork do I have to complete?

CN and CS: The first step is to visit the promotion website of IMK-TRO ( There you can find the most recent information, especially the step by step registration shown at the KHYS website. As soon as you are registered as a PhD student at the KIT Faculty of Physics you are a member of the Doktorandenkonvent-PHYSIK. It is also recommended to become a member of GRACE. As a new KIT staff member you can visit the introduction course for new staff (2 days, several times a year). Ask the secretary (CN: Silvia Deckert, 7th floor, CS: Doris Stenschke) for the next date of this course.


As a PhD student am I obliged to take part in teaching?

CN and CS: There is no strict obligation, but it is generally expected by the Faculty of Physics that some kind of contribution to teaching is made during your three-year promotion. Typical activities are involvement in practicals or tutorials accompanying lecture series in two consecutive years. Though sometimes time consuming, teaching is an integral part of your academic development and improves your presentation skills and confidence. Talk to your supervisor(s) about possible involvement in teaching when you discuss your initial PhD plan. More information can be found here: (German only).

Dissertation data handling

As a PhD student I would like to archive and publish the datasets related to my dissertation. What is the best way?

CN and CS: The datasets related to your dissertation you can archive and publish (at no charge) via KITopen. The data will get a DOI, are archived at least 10 years and an embargo period can also be established. For more information see pdf: Forschungsdienst_KIT-Bibliothek.pdf.

Graduate School GRACE

What is GRACE and how can I apply for?

Look here.

KIT-car, driving license

How to proceed in case of driving a company car of KIT?

CN and CS: Preconditions: Your group leader has to agree that you ask for a KIT driving license and you need an official driving license from your country. Otherwise no KIT driving license is available.
Ask at the secretary (CS: Doris Stenschke; CN: Rosi Gräbner) for a KIT form “Antrag zum dienstlichen Führen von Fahrzeugen” (green form). Fill in the form with your data. Ask the secretary for help. You need the number of your official driving license to fill in the form. The form must be signed by the Head of the Institute or by Ulli Corsmeier. Go to the unit called “Fahrdienst” at CN (building 225), show your official driving license and ask for signing of the green form. Keep yourself the lower (bigger) part of the green form and give the upper (smaller) part to Rosi Gräbner.
If you need a KIT-car for business purposes ask (sufficiently early!) Jürgen Seringer, head of IMK workshop (1st floor), whether a car in available and how to proceed. There are a number of restrictions to follow when using a KIT-car (“Fahrtenbuch”, “Dienstreiseantrag”, “Dienstanweisung Fahrzeugnutzung”). Jürgen Seringer will explain all points in detail.

Service card

Do I need a KIT service card? How to get it?

CN: Take a white form (“Antrag auf Ausstellung eines Betriebsausweises”) from secretary 3rd floor (Rosi Gräbner) or 7th floor (Silvia Deckert) and fill in the upper part of the form. Ask the secretary for help. Sign the upper part of the form. The lower part will be filled in by your group leader or by Ulli Corsmeier. The form will be signed by the Head of the Institute or by Ulli Corsmeier. After the form is signed, go the “Ausweisbüro” at the main entrance of CN. Show the white form at the counter. A photo will be taken and you get your service card immediately.
CS: Take your working contract and identity card to the “Bibliothek” on Campus South, building 30.51 ( Ask for your service card in the service card office.

Accident on the job, way-to-work accident

I had an accident on the job or by the way-to-work. What is to do?

--> The link to the KISS-Homepage “Arbeitsunfall”: provides you with valuable information in case of an accident (in German only).
CN and CS: In case you had an accident on the job or on your way to work or on you way home from work, in every case report this accident by filling in the form “Unfallanzeige". Fill in this form on the day of your accident or at the latest on the day after. Fill in the form irrespective of whether you have been hurt in the accident or not. In case you are not sure what to do, ask the head of your group, the secretaries at CN and CS or Ulli Corsmeier. The forms "Unfallanzeige für Beschäftigte des Großforschungsbereichs", "Unfallanzeige für Beschäftigte des Universitätsbereichs" and "Wegeunfallfragebogen" as well as "Erläuterungen zur Unfallanzeige" can be downloaded as an pdf-document from the homepage above.

Guests-Partneraccount; Gäste und Partnerkonto (GuP-Konto)

I’m a student helper, guest, student apprentice and I need an email account, KIT-account, or access to further KIT services (Gäste- und Partnerkonto, GuP-Konto).

GuP-Konten are managed at IMK-TRO by our IT-administrator Gabi Klinck (gabi.klinck∂; Tel. 23948). You have to ask her to establish your GuP-Konto by sending her an email with the following data (please cc the leader of your research group):
Betreff: GuP-Konto
# First name:
# Name:
# Male/female:
# Date of birth:
# Validity of your GuP-Konto (i.e. duration of your contract at KIT, max. 2 years):
# your current email address:
# Institute you come from:
# Kostenstelle (ask leader of your research group):
# Rolle (ask leader of your research group, KIT-students fill in: Sonstiges wiss. Personal):

Further information about „GuP-Konto“ (in German)

End of contract, ongoing use of KIT-account (Deprovisionierung)

My working contract at KIT is expired. Can I use my KIT-account further on?

In case you need your KIT-account longer than 1 month after your working contract at KIT is expired (e.g. to finalize a paper), you have to apply at “KIT-Service Unit Law” (DE RECHT) for prolongation of your KIT-account using a dedicated form.
First time you can ask for a prolongation of maximum 1 year. For each further prolongation, now maximum three months, a new request is necessary. The form has to be signed by the head of the institute or by the executive secretary of IMK-TRO.
Find here the form for KIT-account prolongation: (PDF) (MS-Word)
When asking for KIT-account prolongation you must know about the rules for digital data processing and communication at KIT (Ordnung für die digitale Informationsverarbeitung und Kommunikation am KIT - IuK-Ordnung): (deutsch) (englisch)
Further facts concerning see ”Deprovisionierung”:

KIT-Gästekarte, “KITcard”

I’m guest at KIT. Do I need a KITcard? What is it’s use and how do I get it?

If you are guest at KIT (not employee and not student) you can ask for a “KITcard”. Precondition is that you already have a “Guest- and Partner-account” (see GuP-Konto). KITcards for guests, trainees etc. are asked for in the GuP-Konto form (contact gabi.klinck∂, Tel. 23948) and they are issued at the CS-library. You can use the KITcard for payment at KIT refectory, for access to SCC, library and the institute, as well as identification card for the use of library services.
The KITcard does not allow for access to KIT Campus North (CN). For this purpose a special pass has to be asked for at Mrs. Gräbner , CN, building 435, room 304 (Tel. 23729). The pass is available at south gate of KIT CN.
More KITcard details: