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newDFN-Web-Conference 11/2018

Lecture room technology

Instructions for the VLAN access

User form for the backup service PDF

Instructions for TSM: Brief instruction ARCHIVE PDF, Brief instruction BACKUP PDF

Uninterrupted power supply USV5

Uninterrupted power supply USV4

Uninterrupted power supply USV3

48TB-RAID-Server IMK-TSS-RKL1: RAID-Kontroller

48TB-RAID-Server IMKS-TSS-RKL2: here use program /usr/StorMan/ !

48TB-RAID-Server IMK-TSS-RKL3: RAID-Kontroller

48TB-RAID-Server IMK-TSS-RKL4: RAID-Kontroller

48TB-RAID-Server IMK-TSS-RKL5: RAID-Kontroller

48TB-RAID-Server IMK-TSS-RKL6: RAID-Kontroller

8TB-RAID-Server IMK-TSS-W2: RAID-Kontroller

24TB-RAID-Server IMKDEE (ehem.imkexe): RAID-Kontroller

48TB-RAID-Server IMKEXE: RAID-Kontroller

48TB-RAID-Server IMKHAIL: RAID-Kontroller

Compute-Server IMK-TSS-TAIFUN: RAID-Kontroller

Compute-Server IMK-TSS-JET: RAID-Kontroller

NINJO-RAID-Subsystem: RAID-Kontroller

Current disk usage of IMK computers

GANGLIA-Monitor-Tool for supervision the process load of IMK servers

Fault reports of the SCC