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(currently only available in German)   Infos zu Praktikumsversuchen

newInfos zum Praktikumsversuch mit dem "Rotierenden Tank"

newInfos zum Praktikumsversuch mit der "Sandkiste"

Who? What? When? Where? How? (Information for IMK-TRO)


Tuesday seminar (18.03.2011)

Thursday seminar (18.03.2011)

Publication of dissertations (18.03.2011)

Spelling of the institute name ( 12.07.2018)

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Telephone / Establishment & Change

The current IMK telephone list as PDF

Note: Normally the IMK-TRO Secretariat reports changes of telephone numbers !!


  Telephone: Telefax: E-Mail:
Campus North      
Bernd Mourer 25130 22223 telefon-cn∂
Campus South      
Frank Niemeyer 48888 948888 telefon-cs∂







On the page, each staff can create entries for the phone book under "My data" and then "Release of communication data".



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