About myself

My research focuses on the role of diabatic processes for the large-scale circulation and the interaction between processes across scales.
Already during my PhD at ETH Zurich I focused on the interplay of smaller-scale convection embedded in a large-scale and strongly ascending coherent airstream in extratropical cyclones (the so-called warm conveyor belt - WCB). At KIT, I started to work at the interface between microphysical processes and the larger-scale extratropical circulation. Together with Corinna Hoose (Cloud Physics, KIT), Christian Grams (Large-scale Dynamics and Predictability), and Annette Miltenberger (Theoretical Cloud Physics, JGU Mainz), we employ sensitivity experiments in two-way nested ICON simulations to explore the sensitivity of WCB ascent to the representation of individual microphysical processes in the ICON two-moment microphysics scheme. Our research with the focus on 'cloud-scale uncertainties' is embedded in the transregional collaborative research center 'Waves to Weather'.


Curriculum Vitae

    since 05/2020: Postdoctoral Researcher, IMK-TRO, KIT, Germany
    01/2020-04/2020: (Post-)Doctoral Researcher, IAC, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, supervised by Heini Wernli
    2016-2019: PhD student, Institute of Atmosphere and Climate, ETH Zurich, Switzerland; supervised by Heini Wernli
    2014-2016: Master studies in Environmental sciences - major Atmosphere and Climate, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


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Oertel, A., Joos, H., Boettcher, M., Sprenger, M. and Wernli, H. (2020): Potential vorticity structure of embedded convection in a warm conveyor belt and its relevance for the large-scale dynamics. Wea. Clim. Dyn., 1, 127-153, doi: 10.5194/wcd-1-127-2020.

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