Student advisory service for meteorology and climate physics

Are you interested in studying or do you have questions about the start of your studies? Do you need information about the course of study? Then you are in the right place!

Advice for students of meteorology

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fink (Consultation hours by appointment)
M.Sc. Kathi Maurer (Office hours: Mon-Thu 9-15 o'clock, office hours: Thu 11-12 o'clock and by appointment)

  • Contact persons for prospective students

  • Counselling for students

  • Advice for change of study location and/or field of study

  • Recognition of examination achievements, examination modalities

Dean of Studies Meteorology

Hoose, Corinna
(If you have any questions or problems, please always contact the student advisory service first, see above).

Physics high-rise 13/15

E-mail. corinna.hoose∂

Consultation hours by arrangement

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