Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research

Storm documentation 2015 of the Deutschen Rück

Sturmdoku für 2015 unter IMK-Beteiligung

Every year the Deutsche Rück supplies with the storm documentation a comprehensive description of weather events as storms, thunderstorms and floods that have taken place in Germany since 1997th. The current storm documentation 2015, which is created since this year in cooperation with the Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research (Bernhard Mühr with the help of three students), is now available [In German]!

With the information weather-related events can be classified both meteorological and hurt each other. The readership is correspondingly multifaceted: Whether insurers, reinsurers, weather services or university departments, almost all of them using our brochure for their daily work or archive them for future reference to facts and figures for the weather history.

What the brochure here differs from thematically similar industry publications? The Deutsche Rück storm documentation has a very strong scientific focus. The authors explain in detail what happened on the weather side, and above all, why exactly it is also happening in meteorological terms.

The storm documentation of 2015 can be found here for download.
All storm documentaries of recent years can be found here.