X-Band Radar

The mobile X-band precipitation radar Meteor50DX is mounted on a car trailer. It is able to measure the Doppler velocity of the scatterers as well as to evaluate both polarization planes (horizontal and vertical). It transmits simultaneously horizontally and vertically polarized radiation and receives both channels separately.


The radar is extremely flexible and deployable into places that are only poorly covered or even never have been covered by operational radar equipment. In addition to the reflectivity measurement, the Meteor50DX also provides the radial velocity component due to its Doppler capability as well as the polarimetric variables such as differential reflectivity, (specific) differential phase and the correlation coefficient between horizontal and vertical polarization.

Reducing the size of a precipitation radar to achieve road transport without any restrictions lead to some compromises. One of it is the operation in X-band, i.e. at a wavelength of 3 cm. Therefore the Rayleigh assumption (scatterers are much smaller than the wavelength) is no longer fulfilled for large drops and snowflakes - for hail stones even less. The maximum allowed size for road transport limits the width of the radome and thus the diameter of the antenna. This results in a fairly broad radar beam width of 1.35 deg. Additionally the increased attenuation at X-band wavelength, especially in heavy precipitation, reduces the available range compared to C-band radars.


Fig.1: X-band precipitation radar Meteor50DX Fig.2: Measuring example from Corsica


Technical parameters

Transmitting frequency: 9370 MHz
Pulse modes: 4
Pulse duration: 0.3 μs ... 3.3 μs
PRF: 250 Hz … 2500 Hz
Clear range: 60 km … 500 km
Beam width: 1.35 deg.
Antenna diameter: 1.8 m
Profit: 42.5 dB
Azimuth range: 0 deg. … 360 deg. (continuous unidirectional rotation)
Elevation range: -6 deg. … 182 deg.
Antenna speed: up to 6 rpm
Radom losses (1-way): 0.3 dB
Pulse power: 55 kW min., 75 kW typ.
MDS: -103 dBm … -113 dBm (depending on pulse duration)
Linear Dynamic Range: 90 dB
Total weight: 2800 kg
Length: 2808 mm (4530 mm with trailer hitch)
Width: 2550 mm (3560 mm with supports)
Height: 3891 mm

Manufacturer: Selex ES