The IMK-TRO owns two photometers, which are part of the worldwide measuring network AERONET . While one device is permanently installed on the main administration building of KIT Campus North, the other is part mobile KITcube and operated during various measurement campaigns. The photometers, driven by electric motors for Azimuth and Elevation to track the sun or the moon depending on the mode. From irradiance measurements of these light sources, the aerosol optical thickness is derived for specific wavelengths together with a number of additional products. Polarization filters provide information on the nature and shape of the aerosols.


Photometer KITcube-Photometer

Technical specifications

Manufacturer: Cimel Electronique S.A.S.

Device type:  CE318N / CE318T

Measuring accuracy (irradiance): <0.1 %
Field of view: 1.3 deg.
Spectral range: 340 - 1640 nm
Mechanical accuracy of position: 0.003 deg.
Accuracy of the tracking system: 0.01 deg.
Power consumption: <2 W
Total weight with substructure: 25 kg
Power supply: autonomous by solar panel
Operation modes: sun, sky, moon
Temperature: -30° to 70° C
Relative humidity: 0 to 100 %


Measurement example

The following graph shows the measured optical thickness of the aerosol on August 1, 2014 during the DESERVE measurement campaign in Masada, Israel.