Turbulence masts

Turbulent structures (wind, temperature, humidity) in the near surface atmospheric boundary layer can be made visible with turbulence masts. A sample rate of 20 Hz, allows the analysis of turbulence at obstacles such as embankments, motorways or land use transitions.

Fig.1: Turbulence mast (in the middle) and energy balance station (left)
Fig.2: Turbulence mast (right) and Windcube (middle)

Assembly turbulence masts
Quantity Device Type Manufacturer Variable Measuring Height
1 Sonic
Solent-R2 Gill wind vector,
momentum flux,
sensible heat flux
5 m
1 Barometer Model 276 Setra air pressure (p) 1 m
2 Temperature and
humidity sensor
HMP35A Vaisala air temperature,
relative humidity
2 m and 4 m
1 Inclinometer Inclinometer Seika nclinometer 5 m
3 SISOMOP SMT100 soil temperature,
soil moisture
-0.1, -0.3, -0.5 m