Dual polarized C-Band Doppler radar
. Handwerker / Gysi
C-Band Doppler radar at KIT Campus Nord

For analysis of the dynamic structure of individual clouds and cloud systems and for area-wide, continuous precipitation measurements, a dual polarized C-Band Doppler radar is operated by IMK-TRO at KIT Campus North since July 2013.

Radar reflectivity and Doppler velocity measurements are used to investigate the modification of clouds by orographic structures, such as those present in the Upper Rhine Valley near Karlsruhe (Black Forest, Vosges), and the resulting effects on precipitation amounts at the surface. Reflectivity measurements in two vertically perpendicular planes of polarization provide information on the shape and type of precipitation particles measured.

Measurements of the radar are available at:


Device type:

Dual polarized C-Band Doppler Radar



EEC, Enterprise, Alabama, USA


Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research, KIT campus north

Geographic coordinates:

8 deg 26' 13" E ; 49 deg 5' 33" N
148 meters above sea level, 38 meters above ground.


3458.6 E; 5439.6 N


5610 MHz


5.3 cm

Peak pulse power:

250 kW (84 dBm)

Pulse repetition rate:

250 bis 1180 Hz

Pulse duration:

0.4µs, 0.8 µs, 1.0 µs or 2.0 µs

Beamwidth at -3 dB:

0.98 deg (main lobe)

Antenna diameter:

4.2 m


45.7 dB

Sensitivity (MDS):

-111 dBm


120 km for volume measurements
200 km for overview PPI

Measured values:

Reflectivity (Z), radial Wind (V), spectral width (W), Differential Reflektivity (ZDR), Differential Phase (PhiDP), Spezific Differential Phase (KDP), Copolar Correlation Coefficient (RhoHV), Linear Depolarisation Ratio (LDR)

Derived values

Precipitation intensity, vertical liquid content,
wind profile, hydrometeor classification

Clutter suppression:

high pass Doppler Filter

Scan mode (cyclically every 10 minutes):

1. Full volume with 14 elevations at 0.4, 1.1,
2.0, 3.0, 4.5, 6.0, 7.5, 9.0, 11.0, 13.0, 16.0, 20.0, 24.0, and
30.0 degrees, 120 km range, SIDPOL mode
2. PPI (Z) at 1.0 degrees, 200 km radius, SIDPOL mode
3. Another volumscan with 14 elevations, SIDPOL mode

4. Small valume scan with lowest 5 elevations, LDR mode

Resolution radial:

500 m

Resolution azimuthal:

1.0 degree

Derived products:

500 m x 500 m