HATPRO microwave radiometer

HATPRO (Humidity and Temperature Profiler)
At IMK-TRO we operate two scanning passive microwave radiometers (HATPRO, Humidity and Temperature Profiler) designed by Radiometer Physics Gmbh. The instruments are part of KITcube and are deployed during various field campaigns.
The instruments measure sky brightness temperature at 14 frequencies (7 frequencies between 22 und 31 GHz (K-band) along the wing of the 22.235 GHz rational water-vapour line und 7 frequencies between 51 und 58 GHz (V-Band) along the wing oft the 60 GHz oxygen absorption complex). From these measurements temperature and humidity profiles as well as the integrated liquid water path (LWP) and the integrated water vapour content (IWV) are obtained. In addition, an infrared radiometer detects the temperature of the cloud base.
More information: www.radiometer-physics.de



Measurement exampe

The two figures show results from the field campaign HyMeX on 23 September 2012 at Corte on the island of Corsica. In the figure on the left hand side the temporal evolution of potential temperature is shown and the figure on the right displays the temporal evolution of IWV.


Technical specifications (manufacturer`s data)
Type: Passive microwave radiometer
Manufacturer: Radiometer Physics Gmbh
Frequencies: K-band: 22.24 GHz, 23.04 GHz, 23.84 GHz, 25.44 GHz, 26.24 GHz, 27.84 GHz, 31.4 GHz
V‐band: 51.26 GHz, 52.28 GHz, 53.86 GHz, 54.94 GHz, 56.66 GHz, 57.3 GHz, 58.0 GHz
Band width: 2000 MHz @ 58.0 GHz, 1000 MHz @ 57.3 GHz, 600 MHz @ 56.66 GHz, 230 MHz @ all other frequencies
Temperature profile: Vertical resolution:
BL‐Mode: 50 m (range 0‐1200 m)
Z‐Mode: 200 m (range 1200‐5000 m); 400 m (range 5000‐10000 m)
0,25 K RMS (range 0-500 m)
0,50 K RMS (range 500-1200 m)
0,75 K RMS (range 1200-4000 m)
1,00 K RMS (range 4000-10000 m)
Humidity profile: Vertical resolution:
200 m (range 0-2000 m)
400 m (range 2000-5000 m)
800 m (range 5000-10000 m)
0,4 g/m³ RMS (absolute humidity)
5% RMS (rel. humidity)
LWP: Accuracy: +/- 20 g/m²
Noise: 2 g/m² RMS)
IWV: Accuracy: +/-0,2 kg/m²
Noise: 0,05 kg/m² RMS
Weight 60 kg (without dew blower)
Dimensions: 63 x 36 x 90 cm³