Energy balance stations

To record the incoming radiance energy at the earth surface, so called energy balance stations are used. These stations measure the components of the radiance balance (global radiation, reflected radiation, incoming and outgoing long wave radiation), the sensible and latent heat flux as well as the soil heat flux.

Fig.1: Energy balance station to register the energy conversion of the ground
Fig.2: Ultrasonic anemometer and Lyman-Alpha
 hygrometer of a energy balance station
Fig. 3: Radiance measuring instruments on an energy balance station


Specification of energy balance
Quantity Device Type Manufacturer Variable Measuring Height
1 Sonic anemometer Solent-R2 Gill wind vector,
momentum flux,
sensible heat flux
4 m
1 Barometer Model 276 Setra air pressure (P) 1 m
1 Pyranometer Net Pyranometer Albedometer CM14 Kipp & Zonen global raiation,
reflected irradiance
3 m
1 Pyrgeometer CGR3 Kipp & Zonen long-wave incoming
radiation, outgoing
long-wave radiation
3 m
3 Heat flux plates Heatflux Ramco HP3 McVAN Instruments PTY LTD soil heat flux -0.05 m
1 Infrared thermometer KT15 Heimann surface temperature
1 Temperature
and humidity
HMP35A Vaisala air temperature,
relative humidity
3 m
1 Inclinometer Inclinometer Seika inclinometer 4 m
1 Rain gauge Ombrometer HP Thies precipitation 1 m
3 SISOMOP SMT100 soil temperature,
soil moisture
-0.1, -0.3, -0.5 m
1 Humidity and carbon dioxide sensor Li-Cor 7500 LI-COR CO2 / H20, latent heat flux, CO2 flux 4 m