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3rd PANDOWAE Workshop in Bensheim 7.-9. October 2009

Pandowae 3rd Workshop

The workshop took place at the Parkhotel Krone in Bensheim-Auerbach. It was a very fruitful workshop. The project participants had already important results which they could tell about and discuss. The discussions lead to important ideas for cooperations between the projects and papers for individual projects as well as joint publications. Guest talks were done by Peter Spichtinger from ETH Zürich about his work which has some interesting aspects for PANDOWAE, and Warwick Norton from London who gave an interesting insight to the 'high impact' weather may have on the hedge fonds market. Axel Seifert gave the important overview over the latest developments at the model chain of DWD. As on the other two workshops the DWD people were valuable discussion partners as most projects work with DWD models. Our outdoor activity was this time again somewhat wet but luckily rather warm. The walk to the Castle of Auerbach took place during the passage of a small rain band but people had their fun anyway. The outdoor activity was an excellent way to get people to talk to each other in an informal way. The rain was even inspiring discussions ...