1st Workshop 9-11 June 2008 in Höfen an der Enz, Germany

Pandowae_WS1_Walk_sm Pandowae
PANDOWAE_WS1_Group_sm Pandowae

The workshop took place at the Hotel Ochsen in Höfen, in the middle of some smaller Black Forest mountains. It was planned as a kick-off meeting to introduce the aims of PANDOWAE  to the participants and to discuss beginning research. After an overview about PANDOWAE we could gain insight to the research areas. Later on, the individual projects were introduced. The external talkers gave overviews about project-relevant topics as the TIGGE database, THORPEX program and latest developments in the model suite at DWD. On Tuesday we made a little trip up the hill where we got a nice view to the Black Forest mountains while we were lucky to not have been stroken by one of the small thunderstorms which were rising that day. After that, presentations went on. Evenings were used for group discussions. We had a fine workshop, people could get to know each other and gained a fine overview about the project.