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Precipitative Processes
17 April 2019

Interactions between convection and a moist vortex associated with an extreme rainfall event over southern West Africa.

Publication: AMS Monthly Weather review ()
Author: Maranan, M., A.H. Fink, P. Knippertz, S.D. Francis, A.B. Akpo, G. Jegede, and C. Yorke
05 February 2019

The radiative impact of out-of-cloud aerosol hygroscopic growth during the summer monsoon in southern West Africa

Publication: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) (19, 1505-1520, 2019)
Author: Haslett, S. L., Taylor, J. W., Deetz, K., Vogel, B., Babic, K., Kalthoff, N., Wieser, A., Dione, C., Lohou, F., Brito, J., Dupuy, R., Schwarzenboeck, A., Zieger, P., and Coe, H.
31 January 2019

The observed diurnal cycle of nocturnal low-level stratus clouds over southern West Africa: a case study

Publication: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) (19, 1281-1299, 2019)
Author: Babic, K., Adler, B., Kalthoff, N., Andersen, H., Dione, C., Lohou, F., Lothon, M., and Pedruzo-Bagazgoitia, X.
18 January 2019

Aerosol influences on low-level clouds in the West African monsoon

Publication: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) (discussion paper)
Author: Taylor, J. W., Haslett, S. L., Bower, K., Flynn, M., Crawford, I., Dorsey, J., Choularton, T., Connolly, P. J., Hahn, V., Voigt, C., Sauer, D., Dupuy, R., Brito, J., Schwarzenboeck, A., Bourriane, T., Denjean, C., Rosenberg, P., Flamant, C., Lee, J. D., Vaughan, A. R., Hill, P. G., Brooks, B., Catoire, V., Knippertz, P., and Coe, H.
17 January 2019

Nocturnal low-level clouds in the atmospheric boundary layer over southern West Africa: an observation-based analysis of conditions and processes

Publication: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) (19, 663-681, 2019)
Author: Adler, B., Babic, K., Kalthoff, N., Lohou, F., Lothon, M., Dione, C., Pedruzo-Bagazgoitia, X., and Andersen, H.
15 January 2019

The role of low-level clouds in the West African monsoon system

Publication: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) (accepted for publication)
Author: Kniffka, A., Knippertz, P., and Fink, A. H.
14 January 2019

Diurnal cycle of coastal anthropogenic pollutant transport over southern West Africa during the DACCIWA campaign

Publication: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) (19, 473-497, 2019)
Author: Deroubaix, A., Menut, L., Flamant, C., Brito, J., Denjean, C., Dreiling, V., Fink, A., Jambert, C., Kalthoff, N., Knippertz, P., Ladkin, R., Mailler, S., Maranan, M., Pacifico, F., Piguet, B., Siour, G., and Turquety, S.
18 December 2018

Anthropogenic VOC in Abidjan, southern West Africa: from source quantification to atmospheric impacts

Publication: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) (discussion paper)
Author: Dominutti, P., Keita, S., Bahino, J., Colomb, A., Liousse, C., Yoboué, V., Galy-Lacaux, C., Bouvier, L., Sauvage, S., and Borbon, A.
28 November 2018

Low Level Cloud and Dynamical Features within the Southern West African Monsoon

Publication: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) (discussion paper)
Author: Dione, C., Lohou, F., Lothon, M., Adler, B., Babic, K., Kalthoff, N., Pedruzo-Bagazgoitia, X., Bezombes, Y., and Gabella, O.
14 November 2018

Later Wet Seasons with More Intense Rainfall over Africa under Future Climate Change

Publication: AMS Journal of Climate (31, 9719–9738)
Author: Dunning, C.M., E. Black, and R.P. Allan
Air Pollution and Health
23 October 2018

Personal exposure to PM2.5 emitted from typical anthropogenic sources in SWA...

Publication: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) (discussion paper)
Author: Xu, H., Léon, J.-F., Liousse, C., Guinot, B., Yoboué, V., Akpo, A. B., Adon, J., Ho, K. F., Ho, S. S. H., Li, L., Gardrat, E., Shen, Z., and Cao, J.
Cloud-Aerosol Interactions
09 October 2018

The role of droplet sedimentation in the evolution of low level clouds over Southern West Africa

Publication: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) (18, 14253–14269, 2018)
Author: Dearden, C., Hill, A., Coe, H., and Choularton, T
Atmospheric Chemistry
09 October 2018

Aerosol liquid water content in the moist southern West African monsoon layer and its radiative impact

Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys (18, 14271–14295,)
Author: Deetz, K., Vogel, H., Haslett, S., Knippertz, P., Coe, H., and Vogel, B
Cloud-Aerosol Interactions
28 September 2018

Can the Direct Effect of Aerosols Improve Subseasonal Predictability?

Publication: AMS Monthly Weather Review (146, 3481–3498,)
Author: Benedetti, A. and F. Vitart
11 September 2018

Rainfall types over southern West Africa: Objective identification, climatology and synoptic environment

Publication: Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society (144: 1628–1648)
Author: Maranan, M., Fink, A.H., Knippertz, P.
Precipitative Processes
30 August 2018

Precipitation and Mesoscale Convective Systems: Radiative Impact of Dust over Northern Africa

Publication: AMS Monthly Weather Review (v146. p3011-3029)
Author: Reinares Martínez, I. and J. Chaboureau
27 August 2018

Aerosol distribution in the northern Gulf of Guinea: local anthropogenic sources, long-range transport, and the role of coastal shallow circulations

Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys., (18, 12363-12389)
Author: Flamant, C., Deroubaix, A., Chazette, P., Brito, J., Gaetani, M., Knippertz, P., Fink, A. H., de Coetlogon, G., Menut, L., Colomb, A., Denjean, C., Meynadier, R., Rosenberg, P., Dupuy, R., Dominutti, P., Duplissy, J., Bourrianne, T., Schwarzenboeck, A., Ramonet, M., and Totems, J.
25 July 2018

Status and future of numerical atmospheric aerosol prediction with a focus on data requirements

Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys. (18, 10615-10643)
Author: Benedetti, A., Reid, J. S., Knippertz, P., Marsham, J. H., Di Giuseppe, F., Rémy, S., Basart, S., Boucher, O., Brooks, I. M., Menut, L., Mona, L., Laj, P., Pappalardo, G., Wiedensohler, A., Baklanov, A., Brooks, M., Colarco, P. R., Cuevas, E., da Silva, A., Escribano, J., Flemming, J., Huneeus, N., Jorba, O., Kazadzis, S., Kinne, S., Popp, T., Quinn, P. K., Sekiyama, T. T., Tanaka, T., and Terradellas, E.
11 July 2018

Numerical simulations of aerosol radiative effects and their impact on clouds and atmospheric dynamics over southern West Africa

Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18, 9767-9788 ()
Author: Deetz, K., Vogel, H., Knippertz, P., Adler, B., Taylor, J., Coe, H., Bower, K., Haslett, S., Flynn, M., Dorsey, J., Crawford, I., Kottmeier, C., and Vogel, B.
04 July 2018

Overview of surface to near-surface atmospheric profiles over selected domain during the QWeCI project

Publication: Meteorol Atmos Phys (2018). (Vol. 130/Issue 302)
Author: Aryee, J.N.A., Amekudzi, L.K., Atiah, W.A. et al
Radiative Processes
29 June 2018

Spatiotemporal variability of warm rain events over southern West Africa from geostationary satellite ...

Publication: Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society (Volume 144, Issue 716)
Author: Young, M.P., Chiu, C.J., Williams, C.J.R., Stein, T.H.M, Stengel M., Fielding, M.D, Black, E
28 June 2018

Can explicit convection improve modelled dust in summertime West Africa?

Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys. (18, 9025-9048)
Author: Roberts, A. J., Woodage, M. J., Marsham, J. H., Highwood, E. J., Ryder, C. L., McGinty, W., Wilson, S., and Crook, J.
05 June 2018

Evaluation of Windsond S1H2 performance in Kumasi during the 2016 DACCIWA field campaign

Publication: Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (AMT) (discussion paper)
Author: Bessardon, G. E. Q., Fosu-Amankwah, K., Petersson, A., and Brooks, B. J.
01 June 2018

Particle and VOC emission factor measurements for anthropogenic sources in West Africa

Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18, 7691-7708 ()
Author: Keita, S., Liousse, C., Yoboué, V., Dominutti, P., Guinot, B., Assamoi, E.-M., Borbon, A., Haslett, S. L., Bouvier, L., Colomb, A., Coe, H., Akpo, A., Adon, J., Bahino, J., Doumbia, M., Djossou, J., Galy-Lacaux, C., Gardrat, E., Gnamien, S., Léon, J. F., Ossohou, M., N'Datchoh, E. T., and Roblou, L.
09 May 2018

LES study of the impact of moist thermals on the oxidative capacity of the atmosphere in southern West Africa

Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys., ( 18, 6601-6624)
Author: Brosse, F., Leriche, M., Mari, C., and Couvreux, F.
Air Pollution and Health
04 May 2018

Mass concentration, optical depth and carbon composition of particulate matter in the major southern West African cities...

Publication: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) (acp-18-6275)
Author: Djossou, J., Léon, J.-F., Akpo, A. B., Liousse, C., Yoboué, V., Bedou, M., Bodjrenou, M., Chiron, C., Galy-Lacaux, C., Gardrat, E., Abbey, M., Keita, S., Bahino, J., Touré N'Datchoh, E., Ossohou, M., and Awanou, C. N.
Air Pollution and Health
17 April 2018

A pilot study of gaseous pollutants measurement in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire: contribution to an overview of gaseous pollution in African cities

Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18 (5173-5198)
Author: Bahino, J., Yoboué, V., Galy-Lacaux, C., Adon, M., Akpo, A., Keita, S., Liousse, C., Gardrat, E., Chiron, C., Ossohou, M., Gnamien, S., and Djossou, J.
Radiative Processes
26 March 2018

Quantifying the contribution of different cloud types to the radiation budget

Publication: AMS: Jounal of Climate ( 31, 5273–5291)
Author: Hill, P.G., R.P. Allan, J.C. Chiu, A. Bodas-Salcedo, and P. Knippertz
Cloud-Aerosol Interactions
20 March 2018

Measurements of nitric oxide and ammonia soil fluxes from a wet savanna ecosystem site in West Africa during the DACCIWA field campaign

Publication: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) (discussion paper)
Author: Pacifico, F., Delon, C., Jambert, C., Durand, P., Morris, E., Evans, M. J., Lohou, F., Derrien, S., Donnou, V. H. E., Houeto, A. V., Reinares Martinez, I., and Brilouet, P.-E.
Boundary Layer Dynamics
01 March 2018

An overview of the diurnal cycle of the atmospheric boundary layer during theWest African monsoon season: results from the 2016 observational campaign

Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18 (2913-2928)
Author: Kalthoff, N., Lohou, F., Brooks, B., Jegede, G., Adler, B., Babic, K., Dione, C., Ajao, A., Amekudzi, L. K., Aryee, J. N. A., Ayoola, M., Bessardon, G., Danuor, S. K., Handwerker, J., Kohler, M., Lothon, M., Pedruzo-Bagazgoitia, X., Smith, V., Sunmonu, L., Wieser, A., Fink, A. H., and Knippertz, P.
Atmospheric Chemistry
23 February 2018

Impact of biomass burning on pollutant surface concentrations in megacities of the Gulf of Guinea

Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18, (2687–2707)
Author: Menut, L., Flamant, C., Turquety, S., Deroubaix, A., Chazette, P., and Meynadier, R.
01 February 2018

The Dynamics–Aerosol–Chemistry–Cloud Interactions in West Africa Field Campaign: Overview and Research Highlights.

Publication: Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., (99, 83–104)
Author: Flamant, C., P. Knippertz, A.H. Fink, A. Akpo, B. Brooks, C.J. Chiu, H. Coe, S. Danuor, M. Evans, O. Jegede, N. Kalthoff, A. Konaré, C. Liousse, F. Lohou, C., Mari, H. Schlager, A. Schwarzenboeck, B. Adler, L. Amekudzi, J. Aryee, M. Ayoola, A.M. Batenburg, G. Bessardon, S. Borrmann, J. Brito, K. Bower, F. Burnet, V. Catoire, A. Colomb, C. Denjean, K. Fosu-Amankwah, P.G. Hill, J. Lee, M. Lothon, M. Maranan, J. Marsham, R. Meynadier, J. Ngamini, P. Rosenberg, D. Sauer, V. Smith, G. Stratmann, J.W.
Precipitative Processes
30 January 2018

Precipitation and Mesoscale Convective Systems: Explicit versus Parameterized Convection over Northern Africa

Publication: AMS: Monthly Weather Review (146, 797–812)
Author: Reinares Martínez, I. and J. Chaboureau
Atmospheric Chemistry
22 January 2018

Assessing the role of anthropogenic and biogenic sources on PM1 over southern West Africa using aircraft measurements

Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys 18, (757–772)
Author: Brito, J., Freney, E., Dominutti, P., Borbon, A., Haslett, S. L., Batenburg, A. M., Colomb, A., Dupuy, R., Denjean, C., Burnet, F., Bourriane, T., Deroubaix, A., Sellegri, K., Borrmann, S., Coe, H., Flamant, C., Knippertz, P., and Schwarzenboeck, A.
17 January 2018

New Setup of the UAS ALADINA for Measuring Boundary Layer Properties, Atmospheric Particles and Solar Radiation

Publication: Atmosphere 2018 (9(1), 28)
Author: Bärfuss, K.; Pätzold, F.; Altstädter, B.; Kathe, E.; Nowak, S.; Bretschneider, L.; Bestmann, U.; Lampert, A.
16 January 2018

Interactions of atmospheric gases and aerosols with the monsoon dynamics over the Sudano-Guinean region during AMMA

Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys., (18, 445-465)
Author: Deroubaix, A., Flamant, C., Menut, L., Siour, G., Mailler, S., Turquety, S., Briant, R., Khvorostyanov, D., and Crumeyrolle, S.
25 October 2017

Processing of Ice Cloud In Situ Data Collected by Bulk Water, Scattering, and Imaging Probes: Fundamentals, Uncertainties, ...

Publication: AMS Monographs (58, 11.1–11.33)
Author: McFarquhar, G.M., D. Baumgardner, A. Bansemer, S.J. Abel, J. Crosier, J. French, P. Rosenberg, A. Korolev, A. Schwarzoenboeck, D. Leroy, J. Um, W. Wu, A.J. Heymsfield, C. Twohy, A. Detwiler, P. Field, A. Neumann, R. Cotton, D. Axisa, and J. Dong
14 September 2017

A meteorological and chemical overview of the DACCIWA field campaign in West Africa ...

Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys (17, 10893-10918)
Author: Knippertz, P., Fink, A. H., Deroubaix, A., Morris, E., Tocquer, F., Evans, M. J., Flamant, C., Gaetani, M., Lavaysse, C., Mari, C., Marsham, J. H., Meynadier, R., Affo-Dogo, A., Bahaga, T., Brosse, F., Deetz, K., Guebsi, R., Latifou, I., Maranan, M., Rosenberg, P. D., and Schlueter, A.
Precipitative Processes
16 August 2017

Identification of deficiencies in seasonal rainfall simulated by CMIP5 climate models

Publication: Environmental Research Letters ()
Author: Dunning, C.M, Allan, R.P. and Black, E
18 April 2017

Development of a new gas-flaring emission dataset for southern West Africa

Publication: Geosci. Model Dev (10, 1607-1620, 2017)
Author: Deetz, K. and Vogel, B.
Boundary Layer Dynamics
20 January 2017

Nocturnal low-level clouds over southern West Africa analysed using high-resolution simulations

Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys. (17, 899-910)
Author: Adler, B., Kalthoff, N., and Gantner, L.
Monsoon Processes
28 November 2016

Why do global climate models struggle to represent low-level clouds in the West African summer monsoon?

Publication: AMS J. Climate (30, 1665–1687)
Author: Hannak, L.; Knippertz, P.; Fink, A. H.; Kniffka, A.; Pante, G.
28 October 2016

Validation of TRMM and FEWS Satellite Rainfall Estimates with Rain Gauge Measurement over Ashanti Region, Ghana. Atmospheric and Climate Sciences

Publication: Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (6, 500-518)
Author: Amekudzi, L.K., Osei, M.A., Atiah, W.A., Aryee, J.N.A., Ahiataku, M.A., Quansah, E., Preko, K., Danuor, S.K. and Fink, A.H.
Radiative Processes
24 September 2016

A multisatellite climatology of clouds, radiation, and precipitation in southern West Africa and comparison to climate models

Publication: J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. (121, 10,857–10,879)
Author: Hill, P. G., R. P. Allan, J. C. Chiu, and T. H. M. Stein
Radiative Processes
17 September 2016

The onset and cessation of seasonal rainfall over Africa

Publication: J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. (121, 11,405–11,424)
Author: Dunning, C. M., E. C. L. Black, and R. P. Allan
19 August 2016

The South Atlantic Anticyclone as a key player for the representation of the tropical Atlantic climate in coupled climate models

Publication: Clim Dyn (2017) ( 48: 4051. )
Author: Cabos, W., Sein, D.V., Pinto, J.G. et al.
Precipitative Processes
26 January 2016

Evaluating Satellite-Based Diurnal Cycles of Precipitation in the African Tropics

Author: Pfeifroth, U., J. Trentmann, A.H. Fink, and B. Ahrens
21 August 2015

The possible role of local air pollution in climate change in West Africa

Publication: Nature Clim. Change (5, pages 815–822)
Author: Knippertz, P., M. Evans, P. R. Field, A. H. Fink, C. Liousse, and J. H. Marsham
15 June 2015

Variabilities in Rainfall Onset, Cessation and Length of Rainy Season for the Various Agro-Ecological Zones of Ghana.

Publication: Climate 2015, (3(2), 416-434)
Author: Amekudzi, L.K.; Yamba, E.I.; Preko, K.; Asare, E.O.; Aryee, J.; Baidu, M.; Codjoe, S.N.A.
27 January 2015

The DACCIWA project: Dynamics-aerosol chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa

Publication: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ( 96, 1451–1460)
Author: Knippertz, P., H. Coe, J.C. Chiu, M.J. Evans, A.H. Fink, N. Kalthoff, C. Liousse, C. Mari, R.P. Allan, B. Brooks, S. Danour, C. Flamant, O.O. Jegede, F. Lohou, and J.H. Marsham
16 January 2015

Satellite-based climatology of low-level continental clouds in southern West Africa during the summer monsoon season

Publication: J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. (120, 1186–1201)
Author: van der Linden, R., A. H. Fink, and R. Redl