Joint research studies


Utility of Hovmöller diagrams to diagnose Rossby wave trains

The joint research project for Research Area A was on the methods to identify Rossby wave trains and breaking. The results have been published in Tellus by Glatt et al.

The key role of diabatic processes in modifying the upper‐tropospheric wave guide: a North Atlantic case‐study

The joint research project for Research Area B was on the diabatic processes during the extratropical transition of Hurricane Hanna and the following development of the Mediterranean cyclone Olivia. The results have been published in Q.J.R. Meteorol. Soc. by Grams et al.

Dynamics of a local Alpine flooding event in October 2011: moisture source, large-scale circulation, and forecast uncertainty

The joint research project with participation of several PANDOWAE projects investigates the dynamics of a heavy precipitation event with focus on large-scale forcing, predictability and moisture sources.The paper is accepted for publication in Q.J.R. Meteorol. Soc. by N. Piaget et al. 

Enhanced Tropospheric Wave Forcing of Two Anticyclones in the Prephase of the January 2009 Major Stratospheric Sudden Warming Event

The study under lead of VARNAER investigated the dynamics and predictability of the 2009 MSSW event. The results have been published in Monthly Weather Review by Schneidereit et al.