4th Workshop 26-28 April 2010 in Kühlungsborn

Pandowae 4th Workshop Pandowae

The meeting took place at the Leibniz Institut für Atmosphärenphysik an der Universität Rostock. All people came together from 26 to 28 April 2010 for the last time in the first PANDOWAE phase, to show and discuss results and to prepare for the next phase. We are very thankful to the IAP for having had the possibility to perform our workshop in this location and for their great hospitality.  As external guests again the three DWD scientists Axel Seifert, Kristina Fröhlich and Carmen Köhler where invited, as well as Joachim Eichhorn from the University of Mainz and Olivia Martius and Hanna Joos from the ETH Zürich. We heard interesting talks, from Axel about latest DWD developments and a case study about the influence of cloud radiative processes on hurricane tracks, from Joachim about his statistics which correlates cyclones to Rossby wave trains, from Hanna about microphysical processes in warm conveyor belts and from Olivia about her studies regarding the wintertime subtropical jet over Africa. On Tuesday the state of the upcoming joint papers for the three research areas were discussed and on wednesday discussions were regarding the overal status of each research area. The last talks were about the projects planned for phase two. On tuesday we enjoyed making a trip with street train to the light house where the IAP has sponsered us excellent coffee and cake. The walk back to the town was in beautiful weather and with beautiful sight.