5th PANDOWAE Workshop in Kaufbeuren

Pandowae 5th Workshop Pandowae

The 5th Workshop of PANDOWAE was the first meeting of Phase 2 and also the last of phase 1. It took place from 30 November - 2 December in Kaufbeuren, Hotel Goldener Hirsch. At this workshop the results from the phase 1 were shown and discussed as well as the plans and first results of the phase 2. Guests were again from DWD Ulrich Blahak and Axel Seifert who could us inform about the recent changes in the model suite and about the newly installed HErZ programme (also Martin Weissmann, PANDOWAE member of phase 1 is involved in HErZ). Renate Hagedorn (DWD) and Warwick Norton (PCE Investors) showed relevance of forecasts to the energy market. From the PANDOWAE participants, results were shown regarding the individual projects as well as regarding the joint projects which were published in two papers (Grams et al., Glatt et al.). There was intensive discussion on the results which were achieved in phase 1 and on the future plans for phase 2 as well as on possible cooperations.