7th Workshop in Durbach

Pandowae 7th Workshop Pandowae

The 7th PANDOWAE workshop took place at the hotel "Vier Jahreszeiten" in Durbach
 from 13-15 March 2013.

Topics were the ongoing research in the three research areas, related research and field campaigns where first results of the Hymex Campaign and the T-NAWDEX Falcon Campaign could be shown.

As guests we could welcome Patrick Harr and Heather Archambault from NPS Monterey, Simon Lang as ECMWF representative, Ansgar Engel from DWD and again Ulrich Blahak from DWD.

In breakout groups and plenary the discussions were about internal cooperations for joint projects and cross cutting studies, as well as cooperations with the external partners.

Future discussions were about T-NAWDEX and the THOPREX legacy high impact weather project which meetings were held the following week.