6th Workshop in Klingenmünster

Pandowae 6th Workshop Pandowae

The 6th workshop took place from 20 - 22 June in Klingenmünster, Hotel Stiftsgut Keysermuehle. Presentations were about current research, as well as future plans in the individual projects of the three research areas A B and C. Most of the PhD students and Postdocs have been working for several months in their projects and could show where research goes. Furthermore, guests from DWD joined the workshop from whom Paul James showed a presentation of synoptic classifications and Ulrich Pflüger an overview of the verification at DWD which gave the basis for discussions for collaborations. From ETH Zürich, Maxi Böttcher, Nicolas Piaget and Erica Madonna work closely related to PANDOWAE which was shown in several presentations.
Topics of the workshop were also the formation of new cooperations between the individual projects, the discussion of already existing  and the selection of new joint cases as well as the definition of upcominc cross cuttinc activities. Further topics were a SERA(Societal Economic Research Applications) study and a joint work with forecast experts from DWD.
As the field campaigns HyMeX and a Falcon campaign are already being actual now, there were discussions on how to integrate those results into the different projects.