2nd Workshop 16.-18. Februar 2009 in Murnau am Staffelsee, Germany

Pandowae 2nd Workshop Pandowae

The workshop has taken place in the Kultur-und Tagungszentrum in Murnau am Staffelsee. One aim was to gain an overview about the work which has been done in the last months which are the beginning phase of the project. Those presentations were mainly given by the PhD students and postdoctoral graduates. Furthermore there were prominent talkers invited as Gilbert Brunet from Environment Canada, Huw Davies from ETH Zürich (CH), Pat Harr from NPS Monterey (CA, USA), Tim Hewson from the ECMWF (UK), Detlev Majewski from DWD, and Geraint Vaughan from the University of Manchester (UK). The talks they presented gave a fine overview about international science done on the areas PANDOWAE focuses on and the models and datasets PANDOWAE is going to use. Michael Baldauf and Axel Seifert from DWD were very valuable participants people could talk to and ask questions about the dynamics and physics of the forecast system of DWD. Another important part of the workshop were the group discussions about the three research areas. There the talks and keynote presentations were discussed in small groups, specially with regard to the research questions posed in the scientific frame of PANDOWAE. On tuesday again a little walk was in the program which was in not so very beautiful weather (snowfall around 0oC). But nevertheless, people enjoyed it. Some instead went to the Museum and could admire paintings from Kandinski, Münter, Marc and more.