9th Workshop in Klingenmünster

The workshop took place May 19th-21h 2014 at the Hotel Stiftsgut Keysermühle in Klingenmünster.

Our guests from ECMWF presented about a "stochastic physics benchmark scheme" (Simon Lang) and "moist processes and forecast error in the mid-latitudes" (Mark Rodwell).
 Again we could welcome Ulrich Blahak and Daniel Klocke who gave valuable information about the DWD model chain.
Work in the research areas has made a big progress the presentations of the PhD students and postdocs working in the individual projects showed. The joint study about Sudden Stratospheric Warming could also show up with good results.

In the discussion time the results, remaining questions and ongoing research plans could be talked about.

In the frame of the breakout groups the research results and strategies could be discussed in detail.

Future activities were discussed on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.