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From left: Florian Pantillon, Titike Bahaga, Roderick van der Linden, Peter Vogel, Andreas Fink, Peter Knippertz, Michael Maier-Gerber, Marlon Maranan, Philipp Zschenderlein, Lea Einsenstein, Enrico Di Muzio, Tanja Sauter, Thomas Kociok, Katharina Maurer, Joseph Njeri, Anke Kniffka, Gregor Pante und Andreas Schlüter. Missing: Florian Becker, Sascha Bierbauer, Pia Bogert, Anna Neubauer and Tristan Semsch.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Prof. Dr. andreas finkSty8∂kit edu
Prof. Dr. peter knippertzPbh5∂kit edu

Name Title Phone E-mail
Dr. roderick lindenRzx6∂kit edu
Dr. gregor panteQon9∂kit edu

PhD students
Name Title Phone E-mail
M. Sc. lea eisensteinPtd0∂kit edu
  enrico dimuzioHha7∂kit edu
M. Sc. michael maier-gerberOdj0∂kit edu
  marlon marananHvz1∂kit edu
  philipp zschenderleinOca0∂kit edu
1 additional person visible within KIT only.

Teaching and research assistants and interns
Name Title Phone E-mail
  udgmmGxz7∂student kit edu
B.Sc. +49 721 608 46940 uneceIsv0∂student kit edu
M. Sc. katharina maurerPha2∂kit edu

Name Title Phone E-mail
  ufduaRuw1∂student kit edu
2 additional persons visible within KIT only.

Former group members
Name Title  
Bossmann, Pila M.Sc.  
Engel, Thomas Dipl.-Met.  
Fiedler, Stephanie Dr. now at "Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany"
Hubel, Eva Dipl.-Met.  
Pantillon, Florian Dr. now at "Laboratoire d'Aérologie, Toulouse"
Bahaga, Titike Dr. now at Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI)
Schlüter, Andreas Dr. now at Stanford University, California
Vogel, Peter Dr.  
Njeri, Joseph Dr.