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Measuring Systems

For monitoring programs to study the convection we rely not only on ground-based in-situ measurement platforms and ground-based remote sensing instruments (wind lidar network) but also on  airborne instruments such as a research aircraft (DO 128) and dropsonde systems (2-way radio probes) .

Furthermore, we are concerned with the new and further development of instruments and measurement systems to study the convection especially in the interior of convective clouds (Multi-sensor dropsonde system), and we construct and operate together with the group of land surface and boundary layer the KITcube, a mobile ground based observatory where in addition to those mentioned instruments other measurement platforms are grouped to measure the meteorological processes in an atmospheric cube with an edge length of about 10 km  largely completely. (Kit cube)

We also develop and operate, in cooperation with the Working Group tracer modeling and climate processes and the company enviscope aboard a commuter train of the Karlsruhe Transport Association a measuring module for analysis of air pollution in the area of ​​Karlsruhe with trace gases and aerosols (AERO TRAM).

The JSC "Convective Systems" associated instuments can be found here. 






DO 128



Measuring systems

In addition to ground based platforms (working group "Land Surfaces and
Boundary Layer
), we are using airborne platforms to investigate convection.



DO 128