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Cloud physics group

AG Hoose

From left to right: Dr. Monika Niemand, Patrick Kuntze, Dr. Lena Frey, Christian Latt, Olimpia Bruno, Dr. Andrew Barrett, Jonas Hesemann, Hyunju Jung, Dr. Christian Barthlott, Prof. Dr. Corinna Hoose, Katharina Maurer, Barbara Dietel, Fatemeh Zarei, Dr. Quentin Coopman, Dr. Cunbo Han. Missing on picture: Dr. Amirmahdi Zarboo.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Dr. andrew barrettFph8∂kit edu
Dr. christian barthlottSwe1∂kit edu
  olimpia brunoTnn2∂kit edu
Dr. quentin coopmanOqp1∂kit edu
M.Sc. barbara dietelGxu2∂kit edu
Dr. cunbo hanFqc6∂kit edu
  jonas hesemannMcl9∂kit edu
Prof. Dr. corinna hooseQfi6∂kit edu
  hyunju jungNhu1∂kit edu
  annika oertelZzy2∂kit edu
Dr. amirmahdi zarbooNgt2∂kit edu
M.Sc. fatemeh zareiKcq3∂kit edu
1 additional person visible within KIT only.

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Dr. Hassan Beydoun - Postdoc, 2017-2019.

Dr. Luisa Ickes - Postdoc, 2016.

Markus Karrer - BSc Student, 2015. , MSc Student, 2017-2018. BSc Thesis: "Cloud phase distribution in deep convective clouds", MSc Thesis: "Comparison of a new microphysics scheme with observations via radar and lidar forward operators"

Patrick Kuntze - MSc Student, 2018-2019. MSc Thesis: "Sensitivity of Mixed-Phase Low-Level Clouds to Secondary Ice Formation Processes"

Dr. Katharina Loewe - Doctoral Researcher, 2014-2017; Postdoc, 2017-2018. PhD Thesis: "Arctic mixed-phase clouds: Macro- and microphysical insights with a numerical model"

Dr. Monika Niemand - Postdoc, 2014-2019.

Dr. Marco Paukert - MSc Student, 2012; Doctoral Researcher, 2013-2016; Postdoc, 2016. PhD Thesis: "Droplet freezing in clouds induced by mineral dust particles: Sensitivities of precipitation and radiation"

Dr. Isabelle Reichardt - Doctoral researcher, 2012-2019. PhD thesis: "Numerische Analyse der Parametrisierung des Immersionsgefrierens sowie der Aerosolprozessierung in orographischen Mischphasenwolken"

Dr. Linda Schneider - Doctoral researcher, 2015-2018. PhD thesis: "Relative Impact of Surface and Aerosol Heterogeneities on Deep Convection"

Dr. Isabelle Steinke - Doctoral Researcher, 2010-2013. PhD Thesis: "Ice nucleation properties of mineral dusts"

Dr. Sylvia Sullivan - Visiting Scientist, 2016.

Dr. Romy Ullrich - Doctoral researcher, 2013-2016. PhD Thesis: "Development and Model Application of a Surface-Site-Based Parametrization Framework for Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation"

Maiken Vassel - BSc Student, 2014; MSc Student, 2017-2018. BSc Thesis: "Comparison of different parametrisations for ice formation in mixed-phase clouds at the Jungfraujoch"; MSc Thesis: "Arctic Multilayer Clouds"

Dr. Constanze Wellmann - Doctoral researcher, 2016-2019. PhD thesis: "Using Statistical Emulation for Sensitivity Studies of Deep Convective Clouds"