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From Rain to Flood?

HYDREX 2019, Measuring campaign in the Müglitz valley in Saxony is about to be completed. Helmholtz research centres carry out joint measurement campaign on hydrological extremes.

Local and precise: neural networks in the weather forecast

Scientists from meteorology and mathematics at KIT have jointly developed a new method that corrects errors in weather forecasting on the basis of artificial intelligence.


European heat also develops locally

Central Europe suffers from the current heat wave. The danger of forest fires and health impacts accompanies such extreme weather.

Successful start of collaboration between IMK and University of Tsukuba

DAAD joint research project will study the subseasonal predictability of weather regimes in Europe and Asia.

Two YIN grants for interdisciplinary research

Young investigator group leaders cooperate with mathematicians and energy system modelers.

DFG Collaborative Research Center “Waves to Weather” enters 2nd phase

Consortium with Munich and Mainz focuses on deficiencies and challenges of weather prediction with the aim to improve forecast models.

Forensic Disaster Analyses of Cyclone IDAI

In March, tropical storm IDAI caused many deaths, injuries and severe damage to buildings, highways and critical infrastructure in South East Africa.

Doktorand des KIT wird Schmidt Science Fellow

Andreas Schlüter, Doktorand am IMK-TRO des KIT
ist der einzige Schmidt Science Fellow aus Deutschland.

Practical tailored climate parameters for climate adapation

Climate change affects many fields of action. The integration of adaptation experience into the analysis of regional climate simulations provides a basis for the implementation of adaptation measures.

One step at a time

Changing model time step significantly affects thunderstorm simulations. This problem could now be solved.

KIT and University of Leeds Sign Agreement

Partnership agreement strengthens research projects and exchange opportunities for students and staff.

Particulate Matter Pollutes the Air above Africa too

Impact of air pollution on climate, humans and the environment as well as the role of the West African summer monsoon – German-African consortium presents policy brief.

Umwandlung Wirbelstürme-Potentielle Temperatur
Are mountain ranges important for extratropical transition?

The extratropical transition of tropical cyclones near land can be delayed due to orographic blocking of mid-latitude air.

Prof. Dr. Andreas H. Fink joins the CLIVAR-GEWEX Monsoons Panel for a three-year term from 31 January 2019 to 31 December 2021

The Monsoons panel is a joint committee of two projects of the World Meteorological Organization’s World Climate Research Programme.

Forecasts of Rossby wave packets and blocking on subseasonal timescales

Subseasonal forecasts systematically underestimate the occurrence frequency of long-lasting and stationary high pressure systems over Europe.

Understanding and predicting tropical rain belts

The TRACMIP project helps to improve the understanding and modeling of the response of tropical rainfall to climate change.

MiKlip Forecast
Regional decadal climate prediction for Europe 2019 - 2028

The recent decadal climate forecast indicate for Europe distinctly warmer conditions over the next ten years compared to the past.

Hagelschäden Sydney
Severe hail damage in Sydney – an extreme event?

IMK-TRO joined forces with insurance partners to understand Australia hail risk.

Countless feather clouds

Contrails reduce photovoltaic production!

Statistical emulation: An alternative approach for sensitivity analyses

Statistical emulation allows for a comprehensive analysis of the sensitivity of deep convective clouds and hail to environmental conditions.

Mapping the complex rainfall seasonality of the Greater Horn of Africa

A novel and flexible rainy season definition is introduced for the Greater Horn of Africa.

Mysterious Dust Transport over the Atlantic Ocean

New study in Science Advances is dedicated to so-far ignored climate effect!

How does precip change below the radar beam?

There is a gap between the lowest radar measurement and ground. How does precipitation change in this gap?

Hail hazard and hail risk in Germany

Development of a new high-resolution hail loss model in cooperation with an insurance company successfully completed.

Neural networks learn boundary layer meteorology

Neural networks can be taught to simulate the energy and mass fluxes between land surfaces with varying land use and the atmosphere.

Foehn winds at the Dead Sea! How can this happen?

Periodic wind system of foehn character with high impact on lake evaporation detected in the Dead Sea valley.

7th European Windstorm Workshop at KIT

Participants discuss new developments in European windstorm research and associated risks.

The politics of air pollution in Africa

EU-funded DACCIWA project is communicating its main findings to policymakers in Africa and Europe.

Cloud water and ice: what satellites miss

The cloud ice fraction measured by satellites is systematically biased, because satellites can hardly see into clouds.

Will there be a flood after the heat wave?

Heavy precipitation events are investigated by IMK-TRO in the Eastern Ore Mountains when KITcube joins the MOSES observation system starting in spring 2019.

Process-oriented Understanding of weather forecast error

Cloud-condensational processes associated with weather systems can amplify forecast error and result in severe “forecast busts” of the large-scale circulation.

CLM-Assembly 2018 at KIT in Karlsruhe, 18-21 September.

For details see the conference website!

Auto unter Baum
Convective wind gusts in Germany

Extreme gusts in summer are often associated with severe damage.

Aerosols - small heaters in snow

Aerosol particles in snow intensify snow and glacier melt.

Improve indoor climate, reduce heat load in buildings

Summerly heat waves significantly affect indoor comfort.

Measurements of atmospheric dust concentration at the Dead Sea

Insights into dust storm through new dust measurements at the Dead Sea.

Recognize health-threatening heat islands in the city

If cities are too warm, this is also due to certain settlement structures.

Less reliable wind energy production in Europe due to climate change?

Climate change could impede the wind energy production in Europe.

Significant for air quality: understanding wind fields in the city

Wind and weather are decisive factors for air quality and climate in agglomerations.

Tracing water over Africa

New collaboration of scientists from Karlsruhe, Zurich and Berlin to investigate the pathways of water vapour in the atmosphere!

Flash floods in megacities of Africa and Southeast Asia

Better weather forecasts could have a noticeable influence on the agricultural, economic and social development in Africa.

The enigma of low-level clouds over southern West Africa

State-of-the art measurements with the mobile platform KITcube allow to detect decisive processes and parameters for low-level cloud formation.

Support cities with practical climate parameters in everyday life

Possibilities of the cities adapting to the climate change!

Improving weather forecasts on sub-seasonal time scales

A better understanding of the dynamical processes governing sub-seasonal predictability and novel forecast products help improving 10-60 day weather forecasts.

Researching Tram - on track of air pollution

Special prepared trams on the way between Karlsruhe city center and the surrounding area!

Weakening of extratropical cyclones by cloud-radiative interactions

Idealized model simulations suggest that clouds and their radiative interactions might have an important and so far not studied impact on extratropical weather systems.

State-of-the-art data bases to advance understanding on extreme weather

Stronger, more frequent weather extremes will occur under climate change. Improved understanding of these phenomena is vital to minimize damages.

Flood risk in southwest Germany

An interdisciplinary research project between IMK-TRO, IWG and GPI enables the estimations of the flood risk in Germany.

ESKP theme special "Metropolises under pressure"

Online dossier on the development of megacities, urban climate and quality of life, question of resources and threat of natural hazards.

link (In German)

Modeling European and Arctic (Paleo)Climate at Regional Scales

High resolution isotope enabled regional climate models can improve significantly water isotope climatologies.

How swelling of aerosols is dimming the atmosphere in Africa

Aerosol particles can take up huge amounts of water. This reduces the amount of solar radiation reaching the surface.

First evaporation measurements at the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is shrinking. We measured the decisive factor - evaporation.

Downscaling of paleoclimate model data

Downscaling of paleoclimate data offers new perspectives to comapare climate model and proxy data.

New insights into century-scale rainfall variability over Africa

Using the longest and most comprehensive gauge series for Africa, Andreas Fink puts recent droughts into a longer term perspective.

Peter Knippertz and Andreas Fink awarded with a prize.

“Meteorology of Tropical West Africa; the forecasters’ handbook” has been awarded by the Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI) with the prize “2017 ASLI Choice”.

Was the earth a snowball?

Aiko Voigt gets to the bottom of the phenomenon at KIT. The results could provide insights into the extent to which life on other planets is possible.

Reliable wind power for Europe

Comment of Prof. Joaquim G. Pinto and Dr. Christian M. Grams about the impact of climate change on European wind power

Willis hail project is one of the Willis Tower Watson flagship projects


DACCIWA - Weather, Climate and Air Pollution in Western Africa:

A report on the atmospheric measurements in 2016

IAMAS Early Career Scientist Medal for Corinna Hoose

Prof. Corinna Hoose has received the IAMAS (International Association for Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences) Early Career Scientist Medal.

Successful 2nd European Hail Workshop in Bern

The "2nd European Hail Workshop" took place from 19.-21.4.2017 at the University of Bern

New Endowed Professorship at KIT: Risks of Extreme Weather Events

Joaquim Pinto’s Research Focuses on Regional Climate and Weather Hazards – AXA Research Fund supports a new Chair at IMK-TRO


Studying Winter Storms in Karlsruhe

Meteorologists study the development of squalls with the help of measuring instruments on Karlsruhe’s “energy hill.”

New junior research group "Clouds and storm tracks"

A BMBF-funded junior research group has started on Sep 1, 2016 within the HD(CP)2 project.

more ...
Cloud Physics: KIT Researcher Receives ERC Starting Grant

For her research on the composition of clouds, Professor Corinna Hoose is awarded an ERC Starting Grant in the amount of EUR 1.5 Million.

more ...
Fires Pollute the Air in West Africa

KIT coordinates EU-funded project DACCIWA that studies the air over the coastal region of West Africa.

more ...
Saharan Dust: Reliable Forecasts for Photovoltaic

PerduS Project Examines Yield Loss of Photovoltaic Panels Caused by Desert Dust

Climate Researchers Warn of Risks from Air Pollution in West Africa

Air Pollutants over Megacities Might Affect Regional Climate Change ...

more ...
Transregio „Waves to Weather“

DFG supports current aspects of weather research at SFB/ Transregio 165 „Waves to Weather“. IMK is involved with many projects at Transregio.

more ...
Atmospheric research in the Valley of the Dead Sea

Researchers Study Change in the Dead Sea Valley

New EU project DACCIWA started

IMK-TRO coordinated €9M project “Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa” started...

Storm documentation of Deutsche Rück

In the current storm documentation of the Deutsche Rück the weather patterns of the last year and the ensuing natural hazard damage is described.

SAVE THE DATE: REKLIM Regional conference in Karlsruhe

The Helmholtz Climate Initiative REKLIM (Regional climate change) invites you to its 6th regional conference in Karlsruhe on 05/10/2016.

Implementation of first meteorological station in Palestine

Together with several stations in Israel and Jordan IMK-TRO operates its first permanent meteorological station in Palestine.

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Vaisala Award

Prof. Andreas Fink, IMK-TRO, has been decorated with the Vaisala Award at the Royal Meteorological Society. programm.

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PANDOWAE Final Symposium

Progress and Future Directions of Research on Predictability and Dynamics of midlatitude Weather Systems Karlsruhe, Germany, 18-21 May 2015

more ...
Weather Measurement for Research and Education

The KIT weather station "Rheinstetten" has been operational since 10 years.

more ...
Hitzewelle 2015 - Schwitzen auf der Wärmeinsel

Während der Hitzewelle Anfang August war es  in der Karlsruher Innenstadt bis zu 7 Grad wärmer...

mehr ...
Mineral Dust

A new textbook from P. Knippertz und J.-B. Stuut dealing with state of the art research in the field of mineral dust is published by Springer. 

Cloud research for better weather and climate models

Measurement campaign in Jülich captures the spatial structure of the cloudy atmosphere more accurately than ever before - Climate scientists from the KIT with "KITcube" be involved.

Training course for the model system ICON-ART

A training course for the model system ICON-ART was held from July 7 to July 9, 2014 in the Hessian city Langen.

Comenius EduMedia Seal

The GeoPortal of Landesmedienzentrum Karlsruhe which is in parts operated in cooperation with the IMK (online tool about weather analysis and forecast) was decorated with the Comenius EduMedia Seal 2014. more...

IMK-TRO now at Facebook

The institute has now a Facebook-account. Link

App of the "South German Climate Office" now available. "Your Climate" presents locations in Karlsruhe with significance for the climate of the city. more...
Nachhaltigkeitstage Baden-Württemberg 2014

Das Süddeutsche Klimabüro präsentiert sich auf dem KIT-Campus Süd am 11. Juli

Registration: International REKLIM-Conference in Berlin, Germany from 6–9 October, 2014

"Our Climate – Our Future, Regional perspectives on a global challenge"

Organization Inside of the Chaos KIT-YIG have developed a new measurement approach which helps to a better understanding of turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer. more...
Supertyphoon 'Haiyan' Philippines CEDIM analyzes Tropical Cyclone "Haiyan" and its impacts in an interdisciplinary team. Results will be published here in a series of reports. more...
First European Hail Workshop, 25-27 June, Bern

IMK-TRO together with University of Bern, Meteo Swiss and Mobiliar Lab jointly organizes the 1st European Workshop in Bern.

more ...
Olympia-Wetterbericht für Sotschi IMK-Forscher erstellen hoch aufgelöste Wetterprognosen für die deutschen Olympia-Teilnehmer mehr...
Internationales Messprogramm HyMeX im Mittelmeerraum mit KIT-Beteiligung gestartet

Die Intensivmessphase (Special Observation Period, SOP) des Forschungsprogramms HyMeX (Hydrological Cycle of the Mediterranean Experiment) begann offiziell am 4. September und wird bis zum November durchgeführt. 

Wissenschaftsfestival „Effekte“

Im Rahmen von CEDIM präsentiert sich das Institut für Meteorologie und Klimaforschung (IMK) beim Wissenschaftsfestival „Effekte“ (22.-23.6.13) in Karlsruhe

Heavy thunderstorms with tornados over the Great Plains and Mid-West of the USA

Badly affected was Oklahoma, where an EF5-Tornado struck Moore, a suburb of Oklahoma City.

Wettergefahren-Frü (german)
Aktuelle Informationen zum Starkregen/Hochwasser in Mitteleuropa und im nördlichen Alpenraum

Das stationäre Regenband im Osten Deutschlands brachte bis Montagmorgen weitere 24-stündige Niederschlagssummen zwischen verbreitet 20 und 40 mm.

Wetter aus Karlsruhe für erfolgreiche Segelflug-Weltmeisterschaft deutscher Piloten In Argentinien fand vom 5.-20.1.2013 die Segelflug-Weltmeisterschaft statt. Meteorologen des KIT waren in verschiedener Weise daran beteiligt. mehr...
Winter im März - normal? Der Winter im März 2013 war sehr ungewöhnlich hinsichtlich Intensität und Andauer... mehr

Temperaturen unter Null Grad und länger anhaltender Regen - das waren die Zutaten für eine ausgeprägte Glatteislage. Insbesondere im Südwesten Deutschlands sorgte dies am 20. Januar 2013 für teilweise erhebliche Behinderungen. Vereiste Böden und Oberleitungen ...

HyMeX (HYdrological cycle in Mediterranean EXperiment)

In the HyMeX project, among other things, the formation of high impact weather in the western Mediterranean is investigated in detail.

Extreme Hitze in USA

Nach einem rekordverdächtig warmen Frühjahr setzte sich die Wärme und Hitze im Sommer 2012 über den USA und über Nordamerika beständig fort. Der Juli 2012 ging in den USA als heißester Juli seit Aufzeichnungsbeginn ein. Im Kanadisch-Arktischen Archipel und auf Grönland wurde massiver Eisschwund beobachtet.

32nd "Sparkassen" - Prize awarded to Dipl.-Met. Marie Kapsch

For her diploma thesis "Longterm variability of hail-related weather types in an ensemble of regional climate models" at the IMK-TRO Marie Kapsch was awarded the "Sparkassen" - prize.

YIG Dual-Doppler Lidar

Young Investigator Group "Exploring Coherent Structures Using Dual-Doppler Lidar Systems" at IMK-TRO


The combined weatherforecast and particle dispersion model COSMO-ART is running operational now.

COPS: Results published

A Special Issue of the „Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society“ has been published with results of the COPS project aiming at an improvement of precipitation forecasts in weather prediction models. The main findings were presented to the public in a press conference.

Press Release (german)

KITcube: Measuring operations started

The atmospheric observation system "KITcube" was passed to its purpose on 15th November 2011 by the Vice President of KIT, Dr. Peter Fritz.
In Hatzenbühl/Pfalz measurements in the atmosphere began that contribute to a better understanding of the weather.

Press Release (german)

Land der Ideen
Award for AERO-TRAM

As part of the competition for innovative ideas the AERO-TRAM was awarded. It has been developed and operated by the IMK-TRO in collaboration with the Karlsruhe public transport operators and the company enviscope. The city railway measures air quality in the greater area of Karlsruhe. The award was presented during the KIT annual celebration 2011 to the leading scientists of the project, Dr. B. Vogel and Dr. U. Corsmeier.

"Land der Ideen"

The Cold Spell in Europe at the beginning of February - an Analysis

On the webpage of Wettergefahren-Frühwarnung (german) there is an analysis available now concerning the cold spell in Europe at the beginning of February 2012 with detailed informations about the weather situation, measuring data, a climatological classification and many pictures.

more (german)...
KIT Doctoral Award 2011 goes to Dr. Katja Träumner

The head of the Young Investigator Group "EDDy" at IMK-TRO has been awarded as part of the KIT annual celebration with the KIT Doctoral Award 2011 for her PhD thesis on entrainment processes at the upper edge of the boundary layer. The work is based among other things on measurements in the atmosphere with a lidar instrument.

Special information about Fukushima

Current weather forecasts and calculated dispersion of contaminated air

Disaster in Japan - impacts for nuclear facilities

Expert groups of KIT evaluate incidents in Fukushima.

THORPEX European Regional Meeting

'THORPEX European Regional Meeting' , 24-27 May 2011, at  "Karlsruher Schloss, Gartensaal"

Eyjafjallajökull ash cloud

In a joint initiative of KIT and DWD a pre-operational version of COSMO-ART Model was created.
This model provides predictions of the spread of ash particles.

more... (german)
15th UN Climate Change Conference

At the UN climate change conference the nations of the world come togehter in order to agree on a new Climate Protection Agreement.

more... (german)
10 years "Lothar"

Recent television reports with contributions from KIT give a review of the storm of the century "Lothar".

more... (german)

For the first time a tram is used as carrier for measurement equipment to make a study of air quality in an urban area.