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from left to right:  P. Ludwig, S. Kiefer, Prof. J. Pinto, L. Seregina, B. Buldmann, J. Mömken, L. Kautz, H. Lentink, N. Laube and F. Ehmele. Missing: R. Henin und H. Fraga.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Prof. Dr. +49 721 608 28467 / +49 721 608 43357 joaquim pintoDpz8∂kit edu
  benjamin buldmannDwh2∂kit edu
Dr. rer. nat. florian ehmelePoi0∂kit edu
PhD helder fragaJwt0∂partner kit edu
M.Sc. riccardo heninRkj9∂partner kit edu
Dr. lisa-ann kautzZsp8∂kit edu
Dr. hilke lentinkNfd1∂kit edu
Dr. patrick ludwigOtr2∂kit edu
Dr. rer. nat. julia moemkenVwi6∂kit edu
M. Sc larisa sereginaHaz4∂kit edu
1 additional person visible within KIT only.

Further PhD Students:

MSc Nicole Albern, [IMK-TRO (AG Voigt)]: second year PhD student working on cloud-radiative interactions and their coupling with the extratropical circulation. Co-supervised by Dr. Aiko Voigt

MSc Christoph Braun, [IMK-TRO (AG Voigt)]: first year PhD student working on pan-glaciations and the “snowball earth” hypothesis. Co-supervised by Dr. Aiko Voigt


AG Pinto 2017


Dr. Fanni D. Kelemen, Post-Doc 2017

MSc Alexander Reinbold, MSc Student, 2018/2019


AG Pinto 2018
AG Pinto 2018