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Corinna Hoose (Professorin am IMK)

Hoose"I like to do research in meteorology and atmospheric physics, because there are still many unresolved questions that are directly relevant to our living environment."

Markus (Doktorand an der Universität Oslo, Norwegen):

"Ich finde es sinnvoll, als Meteorologe zu arbeiten, weil die Menschen deutlich mehr vom Wetter abhängig sind als man meinen möchte."

Joris (employee at the private weather service EWC Weather Consult Gmbh)

Joris"Meteorology is exactly right for me, because this subject area is relevant in many areas of our society and has great potential to be used even better there." I therefore think it makes sense to work as a meteorologist and the available knowledge for many to make and develop application-oriented. "

Bele (Employee at WindSim)

Bele"I think it makes sense to work as a meteorologist, because it can actively contribute to climate protection."

Before the Study | What professional opportunities do I have ?

"We do not do the weather - we just predict it."

(Dorothea Paetzold, DWD)


The professional capabilities of a meteorologist are very diverse. The prospects of getting a job immediately after graduation are currently good. But you have to be ready to search for a place. Generally, you need a degree of local flexibility throughout your career.

No other "small subject" shows such publicity. The best known application of a meteorologist is probably the weather forecast. Potential employers in this field are national meteorological services (for example the German Meteorological Service, DWD) or private weather services but also aviation. Most clearly, the meteorologist is perceived in the media. But you can also work as an independent consulting meteorologist.

Most jobs are mainly at universities and non-university research institutions such as the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers (this includes the KIT), the Max Planck Society or the Leibniz Association. In addition to basic research, applied research is also carried out at these institutions. In most cases, employment at a research facility is linked to a doctorate. The doctoral degree then entitles you to apply for research grants and initiate your own research projects. At the moment, however, there are only a few permanent jobs in the German research landscape. Most jobs are project-bound and thus limited for a few years.                                                                                      

WindenergieAlso, engineering firms or industrial companies are increasingly employing meteorologists - for example for the preparation of reports in the case of traffic accidents or wind power sites, the spread of pollutants, influences of urban development on air quality or heat load. Because of their in-depth knowledge in mathematics and physics and the experience in dealing with large amounts of data, find meteorologists in companies jobs that develop software or perform numerical simulations of any kind.

In the meantime, meteorologists are increasingly finding work at banks and (re) insurance companies. There they mainly deal with the risk assessment of natural and environmental disasters.