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Prof. Dr. Ch. Kottmeier
Head of the Institute

Dr. U. Corsmeier

Office Campus South:
Phone: +49 721 608-43356

Office Campus North:
Phone: +49 721 608-22801


Karlsruhe Meteorological Colloquium
Tuesday, 28. Mai 2019
Prof. Trude Storelvmo
Mixed phase clouds and climate: from small scale understanding to large scale impacts
KIT, CN, IMK, Geb. 435, Raum 2.05



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Welcome to the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research - Department Troposphere Research (IMK-TRO). In the field of tropospheric research, fundamental research on climate, water cycle and trace gas budgets are carried out. These atmospheric processes such as turbulence, convection, cloud formation, aerosol physics, precipitation formation and exchange processes on the Earth's surface by measurements and theoretical methods are examined in detail. The results are used in models of the atmosphere to represent and predict processes in the climate system or weather phenomena.


Job Opening

There is an opening for a full professorship (W3) in Meteorology at the Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research (IMK-TRO). We are looking for a leading scientist with an outstanding track record in the broad area of fundamental research in meteorology/atmospheric sciences.


Forensic Disaster Analyses of Cyclone IDAI

In March, tropical storm IDAI caused many deaths, injuries and severe damage to buildings, highways and critical infrastructure in South East Africa.

Doktorand des KIT wird Schmidt Science Fellow

Andreas Schlüter, Doktorand am IMK-TRO des KIT
ist der einzige Schmidt Science Fellow aus Deutschland.

Practical tailored climate parameters for climate adapation

Climate change affects many fields of action. The integration of adaptation experience into the analysis of regional climate simulations provides a basis for the implementation of adaptation measures.

7th European Windstorm Workshop at KIT

Participants discuss new developments in European windstorm research and associated risks.

Foehn winds at the Dead Sea! How can this happen?

Periodic wind system of foehn character with high impact on lake evaporation detected in the Dead Sea valley.

Hail hazard and hail risk in Germany

Development of a new high-resolution hail loss model in cooperation with an insurance company successfully completed.

Particulate Matter Pollutes the Air above Africa too

Impact of air pollution on climate, humans and the environment as well as the role of the West African summer monsoon – German-African consortium presents policy brief.

Neural networks learn boundary layer meteorology

Neural networks can be taught to simulate the energy and mass fluxes between land surfaces with varying land use and the atmosphere.

How does precip change below the radar beam?

There is a gap between the lowest radar measurement and ground. How does precipitation change in this gap?