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High-resolution LGM climate of Europe and the Alpine region using the regional climate model WRF
Russo, E.; Buzan, J.; Lienert, S.; Jouvet, G.; Velasquez Alvarez, P.; Davis, B.; Ludwig, P.; Joos, F.; Raible, C. C.
2024. Climate of the Past, 20 (3), 449–465. doi:10.5194/cp-20-449-2024
Changes in Atmospheric Dynamics Over Dansgaard‐Oeschger Climate Oscillations Around 40 ka and Their Impact on Europe
Stadelmaier, K. H.; Ludwig, P.; Pinto, J. G.; Újvári, G.
2024. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 129 (3). doi:10.1029/2023JD040247
Identifying imprints of externally derived dust and halogens in the sedimentary record of an Iberian alpine lake for the past ∼13,500 years – Lake Peixão, Serra da Estrela (Central Portugal)
Moreno, J.; Ramos, A. M.; Raposeiro, P. M.; Santos, R. N.; Rodrigues, T.; Naughton, F.; Moreno, F.; Trigo, R. M.; Ibañez-Insa, J.; Ludwig, P.; Shi, X.; Hernández, A.
2023. Science of The Total Environment, 903, Art.-Nr.: 166179. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.166179
Assessing climatic impact on transition from Neanderthal to anatomically modern human population on Iberian Peninsula: a macroscopic perspective
Klein, K.; Weniger, G.-C.; Ludwig, P.; Stepanek, C.; Zhang, X.; Wegener, C.; Shao, Y.
2023. Science Bulletin, 68 (11), 1176 – 1186. doi:10.1016/j.scib.2023.04.025
A multi-disciplinary analysis of the exceptional flood event of July 2021 in central Europe. Part 1: Event description and analysis
Mohr, S.; Ehret, U.; Kunz, M.; Ludwig, P.; Caldas-Alvarez, A.; Daniell, J. E.; Ehmele, F.; Feldmann, H.; Franca, M. J.; Gattke, C.; Hundhausen, M.; Knippertz, P.; Küpfer, K.; Mühr, B.; Pinto, J. G.; Quinting, J.; Schäfer, A. M.; Scheibel, M.; Seidel, F.; Wisotzky, C.
2023. Natural hazards and earth system sciences, 23 (2), 525–551. doi:10.5194/nhess-23-525-2023
Can Machine Learning Models be a Suitable Tool for Predicting Central European Cold Winter Weather on Subseasonal to Seasonal Timescales?
Kiefer, S. M.; Lerch, S.; Ludwig, P.; Pinto, J. G.
2023. Artificial Intelligence for the Earth Systems, 2 (4), Art.-Nr.: e230020. doi:10.1175/AIES-D-23-0020.1
Reconstructed Malacothermometer July Paleotemperatures from the Last Nine Glacials over the South-Eastern Carpathian Basin (Serbia)
Radaković, M. G.; Oches, E. A.; Hughes, P. D.; Marković, R. S.; Hao, Q.; Perić, Z. M.; Gavrilović, B.; Ludwig, P.; Lukić, T.; Gavrilov, M. B.; Marković, S. B.
2023. Atmosphere, 14 (5), Article no: 791. doi:10.3390/atmos14050791
A multi-disciplinary analysis of the exceptional flood event of July 2021 in central Europe – Part 2: Historical context and relation to climate change
Ludwig, P.; Ehmele, F.; Franca, M. J.; Mohr, S.; Caldas-Alvarez, A.; Daniell, J. E.; Ehret, U.; Feldmann, H.; Hundhausen, M.; Knippertz, P.; Küpfer, K.; Kunz, M.; Mühr, B.; Pinto, J. G.; Quinting, J.; Schäfer, A. M.; Seidel, F.; Wisotzky, C.
2023. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 23 (4), 1287–1311. doi:10.5194/nhess-23-1287-2023
On the importance of moisture conveyor belts from the tropical eastern Pacific for wetter conditions in the Atacama Desert during the mid-Pliocene
Reyers, M.; Fiedler, S.; Ludwig, P.; Böhm, C.; Wennrich, V.; Shao, Y.
2023. Climate of the Past, 19 (2), 517–532. doi:10.5194/cp-19-517-2023
Representation of precipitation and top-of-atmosphere radiation in a multi-model convection-permitting ensemble for the Lake Victoria Basin (East-Africa)
Lipzig, N. P. M. van; Walle, J. V. de; Belušić, D.; Berthou, S.; Coppola, E.; Demuzere, M.; Fink, A. H.; Finney, D. L.; Glazer, R.; Ludwig, P.; Marsham, J. H.; Nikulin, G.; Pinto, J. G.; Rowell, D. P.; Wu, M.; Thiery, W.
2023. Climate Dynamics, 60, 4033–4054. doi:10.1007/s00382-022-06541-5