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Accurate predictions of weather extremes such as heat waves or heavy precipitation are indispensable so that preventive actions can be taken by the authorities and the public at an early stage. The "Large-scale dynamics and predictability" group at the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research investigates the physical and dynamical processes that control predictability and forecast skill of the atmospheric circulation. Our research is based on experiments with numerical weather prediction models, statistical analyses of large data sets as well as machine learning.
Topic Supervision
How does the model representation of (micro-)physical heating rates influence warm conveyor belt ascent: A model-intercomparison using ICON and the IFS? A. Oertel
Machine learning-based predictions of the intensity of warm conveyor belts associated with extratropical cyclones J. Quinting
Predictability of surface weather on subseasonal timescales due to the influence of weather regimes M. Osman
Representation of the relationship between the MJO and WRs by S2S models M. Osman

You will become part of the research group „Large-scale dynamics and predictability“ based at Campus North of KIT. We are a group of young researchers who are motivated to guide you to a successful graduation. If you are interested please feel free to contact us!