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Dr.  Hilke Lentink

Dr. Hilke Lentink

Raum: 518
CN 435

Tel.: +49 721 608-22805
hilke lentinkNjp0∂kit edu

AG: Regional Climate and Weather Hazards

Research Interests

  • High-impact weather over central Europe (e.g. extreme precipitation, wind storms)
  • Extratropical transition of tropical cyclones
  • Numerical weather prediction, high-resolution regional modelling
  • Regional climate simulations of present and future climate

Curriculum Vitae

  • since 2017: Research associate, IMK-TRO, KIT
  • 2015-2016 Research associate, South German Climate Office, KIT
  • 2012-2017 PhD student, IMK-TRO, KIT, Germany
  • 09/2011-02/2012 Internship, IAC, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
  • 2009-2012 M.Sc. in Meteorology, Physical Oceanography and Climate, IMAU, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
  • 2005-2008 B.Sc. in Earth sciences, major in physical geography, Utrecht University, the Netherlands



  • Extreme weather events under recent climate conditions. Aon-Benfield IF, London, UK.
  • DFG research group PANDOWAE (FOR896), BLOCK and TROP, http://www.pandowae.de

Begutachtete Zeitschriftenbeiträge

The Extratropical Transition of Tropical Cyclones. Part I: Cyclone Evolution and Direct Impacts.
Evans, C.; Wood, K. M.; Aberson, S. D.; Archambault, H. M.; Milrad, S. M.; Bosart, L. F.; Corbosiero, K. L.; Davis, C. A.; Dias Pinto, J. R.; Doyle, J.; Fogarty, C.; Galarneau, T. J. , Jr.; Grams, C. M.; Griffin, K. S.; Gyakum, J.; Hart, R. E.; Kitabatake, N.; Lentink, H. S.; McTaggart-Cowan, R.; Perrie, W.; Quinting, J. F. D.; Reynolds, C. A.; Riemer, M.; Ritchie, E. A.; Sun, Y.; Zhang, F.
2017. Monthly weather review, 145 (11), 4317–4344. doi:10.1175/MWR-D-17-0027.1

Sonstige Publikationen

Evaluation of historical extreme precipitation events for central European catchments.
Quandt, L.-A.; Ehmele, F.; Lentink, H. S.; Kelemen, F. D.; Kadlec, M.; Buldmann, B.; Feldmann, H.; Ludwig, P.; Pinto, J. G.
2018. REKLIM Workshop 2018, Boppard, 15.-17.Mai 2018
Historical time series of extreme precipitation for Central European river catchments.
Lentink, H. S.; Quandt, L.-A.; Ehmele, F.; Kelemen, F. D.; Kadlec, M.; Buldmann, B.; Feldmann, H.; Ludwig, P.; Pinto, J. G.
2018. EGU General Assembly (2018), Wien, Österreich, 8.–13. April 2018
The extratropical transition of Typhoon Synlaku (2008): mechansisms determining structural changes.
Lentink, H. S.; Jones, S. C.; Grams, C. M.
2017. Conference on Predictability and Multi-Scale Prediction of High Impact Weather, Landshut, October 9-12, 2017
Identifizierung von Klimakenngrößen für die Klimaanpassung in Baden-Württemberg.
Schipper, J. W.; Hackenbruch, J.; Lentink, H.; Kunz-Plapp, T.
2016. Deutsch-Österreichisch-Schweizerische Meteorologen-Tagung (Dach 2016), Berlin, Deutschland, 14.–18. März 2016

PhD thesis
Lentink H (2017): Mechanisms determining structural changes during the extratropical transition of Typhoon Sinlaku (2008): a modelling study. IMK-TRO, KIT, Germany.

Master Thesis
Lentink H (2014): Extreme foehn in Switzerland: a climatology and the relation to large scale flow.

Bachelor Thesis
Lentink H (2008): Modeling the transition from meandering to braiding channel patterns.