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EE_EPHelmholtz Earth and Environment
“EE meets EP” – Helmholtz Program “Earth and Environment” meets European Parliament

A delegation of researchers from seven Helmholtz centers traveled to Brussels to engage with political and other stakeholders around the European Union

MICOS_samples_teaserSebastian Vergara Palacio
The hard core of clouds

Laboratory campaign investigates the efficiency of large mineral dust particles to nucleate cloud ice.

JQADIMartina Klose
On the track of the secret of giant dust particles

Unprecendented international field campaign in Jordan starts.

wind speedM. Klose
Open postdoc position on mineral dust modeling

In the context of the EU project NextGEMS and the Helmholtz Young Investigator Group “Mineral Dust”, you contribute to developing a next-generation Earth system model and to determining the role of mineral dust in the climate system.

BildAndreas Baer
Welcome Andreas Baer

We welcome Andreas as a researcher at SCC and in the WG Mineral Dust.

Daniel BellamyDaniel Bellamy
Welcome Daniel Bellamy

We welcome Daniel as a visiting doctoral student in the RG Mineral Dust.

BildSebastian Vergara Palacio
Welcome Sebastian Vergara Palacio

We welcome Sebastian as a PhD student in the RG Mineral Dust.

BildRong Tian
Welcome Rong Tian

We welcome Rong as a visiting PhD student in the RG Mineral Dust.