In the field of tropospheric research, fundamental research on climate, water cycle and trace gas budgets are carried out. These atmospheric processes such as turbulence, convection, cloud formation, aerosol physics, precipitation formation and exchange processes on the Earth's surface by measurements and theoretical methods are examined in detail. The results are used in models of the atmosphere to represent and predict processes in the climate system or weather phenomena.

IMK-TRO is organized in working groups that cooperate closely with IMK-ASF, IMK-AAF, and IMK-IFU, other Helmholtz-Centers, Institutes at University of Karlsruhe as well as other national and international research institutes. These working groups use newest measurement techniques, partly developed by the IMK, in larger experiments. At the same time numerical weather prediction models are developed and applied.


Atmospheric Dynamics

Leader: Prof. Dr. Peter Knippertz

Cloud Physics

Leader: Prof. Dr. Corinna Hoose

 Markus Breig
Regional Climate and Weather Hazards

Leader: Prof. Dr. Joaquim Pinto

Tropenmeteorologie Fink
Tropical Meteorology

Leader: Prof. Dr. Andreas Fink

  Simone Scheer
Land Surfaces and Boundary Layer

prov. Leader: Dr. Jan Handwerker

Aerosol and Reactive Tracer Modelling

Leader: Dr. Ali Hoshyaripour

Superzelle_20210623_Rottenburg_HJP Heinz Jürgen Punge
Atmospheric Risks

Leader: Prof. Dr. Michael Kunz

AG Ludwig Ludwig
Regional Climate Modelling

Leader: Dr. Patrick Ludwig

Former working groups

Our BMBF- and HGF-funded joung investigator groups

 Martina Klose
Mineral Dust

Leader: Dr. Martina Klose

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Mesoscale Processes and Predictability

Leader: Dr. Annika Oertel

AGQuinting_Teaser Quinting
Meteorological Data Science

Leader: Dr. Julian Quinting