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In the area of troposphere research, fundamental studies are performed with regard to the climate, water cycle, and trace substance budgets.
C-Band Radar

For this purpose, atmospheric processes, such as turbulence, convection, cloud formation, aerosol physics, precipitation formation, and exchange processes on the Earth’s surface are investigated in detail by measurements and theoretical methods.

The results are incorporated in models of the atmosphere to adequately represent processes in climate system and weather phenomena. Research activities focus on influences of orography on the wind and precipitation distribution, transports and conversions of water, energy, trace gases, and aerosols in convective systems, regional climate variability, and weather hazards due to storms, heavy rains, and thunderstorms. Particular attention is paid to the further development of own model systems and instruments. The results of all activities are taken into account when studying the influence of man on the chemical composition of the atmosphere and climate as well as when assessing weather hazards.