Topics of the Working Groups


Working groups

This list is intended to provide an overview of some possible bachelor thesis topics at IMK. If you are interested in specific research areas and topics that are not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact the working group leaders or scientists directly.

On these pages you will find the working groups of the departments IMK-AAF, IMK-ASF and IMK-TRO.

WG Blumenstock, IMK-ASF


Dr. Thomas Blumenstock Tel. 22838, thomas.blumenstock∂
Dr. Frank Hase, Tel. 22434, frank.hase∂
Topics Support

WG Braesicke, IMK-ASF


Prof. Dr. Peter Braesicke, Tel. 22191, peter.braesicke∂
PD Dr. Thomas Clarmann, thomas.clarmann∂
Dr. Tobias Kerzenmacher, Tel. 28274, tobias.kerzenmacher∂
Topics Support
The unusual behavior of the quasi-two-year oscillation (QBO) in 2016. P. Braesicke, T. Kerzenmacher

WG Cermak, IMK-ASF and IPF


Prof. Dr. Jan Cermak, tel. 24510/43675, jan.cermak∂
Hendrik Andersen, tel. 24304/44130, hendrik.andersen∂



Evaluation of satellite-based cloud detection in desert regions
J. Cermak
Spatial patterns of aerosol load from satellite data
J. Cermak



Dr. Christian Grams , Phone: 26544, grams∂
Dr. Annika Ortel, Phone: 26537, annika.oertel∂
Dr. Julian Quinting, Phone: 26537, julian.quinting∂

Dear students,

we always have some ideas for bachelor theses on current research topics from our group. Please just contact us directly.

For more information, visit our MSc/BSc group page:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Christian Grams, Annika Oertel and Julian Quinting



WG Handwerker, IMK-TRO



Dr. Jan Handwerker, Phone: 22847, jan.handwerker∂
Topic Supervision
Accuracy of Doppler lidar wind profile retrievals during the Swabian-MOSES measurement campaign (Description)

Philipp Gasch, philipp.gasch∂




Prof. Dr. Corinna Hoose, Tel. 43587, corinna.hoose∂
All topics can be worked on in German or English.

WG Höpfner/Friedl-Vallon, IMK-ASF


PD Dr. Michael Höpfner, Tel. 25948, michael.hoepfner∂
Felix Friedl-Vallon, Tel. 24834, felix.friedl-vallon∂
Topics Support
Analysis of various airborne and balloon-borne remote sensing experiments from the upper troposphere to the middle stratosphere and their interpretation e.g. by means of chemistry/climate models. M. Höpfner, G. Wetzel, W. Woiwode, S. Johansson

WG Järvinen/Schnaiter, IMK-AAF


Dr. Martin Schnaiter, tel. 24332, martin.schnaiter∂
Dr. Emma Järvinen, tel. 25971, emma.jaervinen∂
Topics Support
Detection and characterization of ice particles in Arctic mixed-phase clouds - evaluation of aircraft measurement data. E. Järvinen, M. Schnaiter



Dr. Martina Klose, martina.klose∂
Topics Support
Meteorological drivers of dust events during J-WADI field campaign, Jordan 2022 M. Klose
Size-distribution variability of aerodynamically emitted dust M. Klose
Deriving particle speed from high-resolution optical measurements M. Klose

Please find more information on our group page.

WG Knippertz / Fink, IMK-TRO


Prof. Dr. Peter Knippertz, Tel. 43565, peter.knippertz∂
Prof. Dr. Andreas Fink, Tel. 48711, andreas.fink∂

WG Leisner, IMK-AAF


Dr. Alexei Kiselev, tel. 26662, email alexei.kiselev∂
Dr. Ahmed Abdelmonem, tel. 24520, ahmed-abdelmonem∂
Dr. Nadine Hoffmann, tel. 28689, nadine.hoffmann∂
Prof. Dr. Thomas Leisner, Tel. 24865, Email thomas.leisner∂
Topics Support
Ice nucleation in supercooled seawater droplets A. Kiselev, N. Hoffmann
Light scattering from levitated frozen water droplets with rough surfaces A. Kiselev
Influence of antifreeze protein on the growth of ice crystals A. Kiselev, N. Hoffmann
Secondary ice production in seawater droplets A. Kiselev, T. Leisner
Probing adsorption and deposition ice nucleation of water on the sapphire substrate using optical methods A. Abdelmonem, T. Leisner

WG Möhler, IMK-AAF


Dr. Ottmar Möhler, Tel. 24287, ottmar.moehler∂
Dr. Larissa Lacher, tel. 23979, larissa.lacher∂
Dr. Kristina Höhler, Tel. 28690 , kristina.hoehler∂


WG Regional Climate and Weather Hazards


Prof. Dr. Joaquim G. Pinto, Tel. 28467/43357, joaquim.pinto∂
Dr. Patrick Ludwig, Tel. 22085, patrick.ludwig∂
M.Sc. Kim Stadelmaier, Tel. 28715, kim.stadelmaier∂
Topics Support
Large scale patterns (temperature, precipitation, jet stream) in PMIP3/PMIP4 LGM simulations P. Ludwig, J. Pinto
Repräsentation des Klimas der kaspischen Meer Region in (regionalen) Klimasimulationen K. Stadelmaier, P. Ludwig, J. Pinto

WG Saathoff, IMK-AAF


Dr. Harald Saathoff, Phone: 22897, harald.saathoff∂

Topics Support
Measurement of water isotopologues in and outside clouds H. Saathoff


WG Hoshyaripour, IMK-TRO


Dr. Ali Hoshyaripour, Tel. 23277, ali.hoshyaripour∂
Topics Support
Aerosol processes and interactions  
How would the great green wall in Africa affect the dust emissions? A. Hoshyaripour
Mispredicted clouds during the Saharan dust outbreak in March 2021: role of dust-cloud interactions A. Hoshyaripour
Volcanic ash as ice nuclei: new parameterization A. Hoshyaripour
Validation of ICON-ART experiments during MOSES campaign 17-25 June 2021: aerosol size and optics A. Hoshyaripour
Validation of ICON-ART experiments during MOSES campaign 17-25 June 2021: ice nucleation potential of aerosols A. Hoshyaripour
Eruption of Tonga volcano January 2022 A. Hoshyaripour
Mixing of volcanic aerosols with Saharan dust during the La Palma eruption 2021 A. Hoshyaripour
Data processing and AI  
Validation of desert dust forecast data using satellite and ground measurements (with DWD) A. Hoshyaripour
Analysis of aerosol budgets and trends using model and satellite data (with DWD) A. Hoshyaripour
Parameterization of aerosol properties and interactions using artificial neural network A. Hoshyaripour
AI-based plume rise model for biomass-burning aerosols (with NASA) A. Hoshyaripour
Tracer transport with convolutional neural network (with DKRZ) A. Hoshyaripour