Working Group "Regional Climate and Weather Hazards"

Leader: Prof. Dr. Joaquim Pinto

The focus of our research group is an integrated analysis of extreme weather and climate events, climate change, climate variability and risk assessment. This includes both fundamental and applied research. Particular attention is given to the links between the weather, climate, regionalisation and risk assessment perspectives associated with extreme events.

Focal points are:

  1. Improvement of our current understanding of physical processes leading to the occurrence of extreme weather and climatological events

  2. Enhancement of our understanding of natural climate variability in terms of frequency and intensity of extreme events

  3. Development of adequate projections of possible changes in frequency and intensity of extreme events at regional scales

  4. The risk assessment of extreme weather events related impacts in a changing climate

  5. The development of an effective knowledge exchange with stakeholders


This reseach group is supported by the AXA Research Fund