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Over several years we have developed the comprehensive model system COSMO- ART and continuously improved it. The operational weather forecast model COSMO (previously named LM) of the German Weather Service (DWD) was extended to treat secondary aerosols, directly emitted components like soot, mineral dust, sea salt and biological material as pollen.
Modules for the emissions of mineral dust, sea salt and pollen grains have been developed. Processes as emissions, coagulation, condensation dry deposition, and sedimentation are taken into account. A module to treat the washout in a consistent way has been developed.
The online coupling enables the calculation of the interactions of gases and aerosols with the state of the atmosphere.

New methods to calculate efficiently the photolysis frequencies and the radiative fluxes based on the actual aerosol load were developed based on the GRAALS radiation scheme (Geleyn and Ritter, 1992) that is already implemented in COSMO.

COSMO-ART covers the continental to the regional scale.