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Atmospheric dynamics uses the fundamental laws of physics to understand air circulations and associated weather and climatic phenomena, particularly on the meso and synoptic scale, but also in the planetary boundary layer. Dynamical processes and their interactions with clouds and precipitation are key elements of all weather and climate models. The working group follows an integrated approach using observational and model studies, analyses of field campaigns and resulting conceptional models of atmospheric dynamics, which allow, among other things, advances in model physics and regime-dependent analysis of ensemble predictions, for example as part of the Collaborative Research Center 165 “Waves to Weather”. The understanding of dynamical processes has a growing importance in times of seamless prediction systems, in which the entire range of scales from days to centuries is represented by just one model chain, as systematic errors in climate models can already be established after a few days integration time. This is particularly true for the Tropics, where daily weather prediction is still a challenge and one of the foci of our group. An additional point that is receiving increasing attention is the question of changing weather, particularly extreme weather, in a changing climate.



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