Soft Skills

To evolve your personality beside your scientific knowledge, you have to do 8 ECTS points in the context of so called soft skills.
The House of Competence offers a broad vatiety of seminars on generic competences, categorized in five core themes (SP1-SP5).
You can choose seminars (2 or 3 ECTS points),  that help you to improve :
  • your self organization/ learning organization (SP1),
  • your presentation or communication skills (SP2),
  • your competence to work methodically (SP3),
  • your scientific writing style (SP4) or
  • your ability to design/shape your future perspectives (SP5).

The Sprachenzentrum (language center) offers language courses, that generate 2-3 ECTS points. For students at KIT, one course per semester is for free.
Languages offered are:




German language courses are offered by the Studienkolleg. You need to be matriculated to participate in a course