How do I apply to study meteorology?

Bewirb dichThe Bachelor's programme in Meteorology is currently not subject to admission restrictions, i.e. every applicant who has the general qualification for studying in Germany will be accepted. The Bachelor's programme can only be taken up in the winter semester - the programme starts in mid-October. The Master's programme in Meteorology can also be started in the summer semester - studies start in mid-April. Admission to the master's program is currently guaranteed for all those who have already completed a bachelor's program in meteorology at KIT.

The application deadline is September 15 (or March 15 for the summer semester) - by then, you must have submitted your application online via the KIT application portal. There you will also be informed which documents you have to submit by the application deadline.

By the way, the Faculty of Physics offers a preliminary maths course two to three weeks before the start of lectures to refresh the knowledge of school mathematics in order to facilitate the start of the study program. In addition, there is the possibility to use the KIT preparation courses at different institutions.

In addition, an orientation phase ("O-Phase") is held in the winter semester in the week before lectures begin. This is organized by the Fachschaft Physik for first-year students of physics, meteorology and geophysics. Here, students in the higher semesters will explain to you everything you need to know about your studies and where you will be studying (e.g. lecture halls, library, cafeteria, etc.), and you can already get to know your fellow students.