Tornado hazard in Rhineland-Palatinate

Three tornadoes were recently observed in Rhineland-Palatinate, two caused severe damage. Precise forecasts of tornadoes would be desirable, but are impossible.

Tracking thunderstorms: Measurement campaign Swabian MOSES 2023

Film about background and motivation of the measurement campaign SwabianMOSES 2023 (via Youtube).

WTW Research Network Newsletter

The power of geostationary satellites for improved hail risk assessment.

CEDIM FDA Task Force on the current global heatwaves

The summer of 2023 was characterised by a series of heat waves of varying length and intensity, which in some places significantly exceeded previous all-time temperature records.

 Jannick Fischer
Where in South America does hail occur?

Based on satellite data, the spatial distribution and thus the risk of hailstorms in South America is estimated.

 Heinz Jürgen Punge
Transfer activities: Cooperation with insurance companies

For many years, we have been cultivating various scientific and strategic cooperations with national and international insurance partners, thus building a valuable bridge between basic research and application.

Large hailstorms more and more frequent?

In the third part of the interview with Marco Kaschuba from WetterOnline, the topic is whether we should expect large hailstones to become more frequent in times of climate change (in German)?

What is the benefit of cloud seeding against hail?

In the second part of the interview with Marco Kaschuba from WetterOnline, we take a scientific look at the topic of cloud seeding in the context of hail (in German).

Anniversary: Costliest hailstorm in Germany

With a total damage of 3.6 million euros, the storms of 27/28 July 2023 were the most expensive hailstorm event in Germany. Marco Kaschuba from WetterOnline together with Michael Kunz in recap (in German).

Hagelkorn im Eisfach: Bitte Mail an hagel@imk-tro.kit.eduJannik Wilhelm
Searching hailstones...

Hailstone in the freezer: Please send an email to hagel@imk-tro.kit.edu

Nowcasting the life cycle of convective storms

A new study presents an analysis of the life cycles of convective cells in Germany, focusing on the relevance of the prevailing atmospheric conditions.

 Jannik Wilhelm
Hail researcher: "Absolute hotspot in Germany from Neckar to Alb"

Damage caused by hail are sometimes immense. That is why scientists are trying to better predict where it will hail. SWR Aktuell spoke with Michael Kunz (in German).

Teaserbild_LaunchSonde_SMohr_750x500pxSusanna Mohr
On the hunt for thunderstorms and hail....

...with hail sondes and drones for a better understanding of hail formation – training successfully completedt.

When and why do different weather extremes cluster?

Temporal clustering of different extremes based on building insurance data.

 Susanna Mohr
How to research thunderstorms?

Michael Kunz in an interview with RadioEins about the SwabianMOSES measurement campaign, the development of thunderstorms & hail and about storm chasing.

GewitterspurAmadeus Bramsiepe, KIT
Tracking down thunderstorms

Measurement campaign in the Black Forest investigates weather extremes to better understand and predict their causes and consequences.

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hail in South AfricaNHESS
New study about hail in South Africa led by former group member HJ Punge

Under the project "Willis hail hazard assessment" this recent research quantified the hail risk in South Africa

Niederschlagsmegen DeutschlandNHESS
"The exceptional flood event of July 2021"

PART 2 of the NHESS study: How extreme was the flood event of Ahr and Erft and how did climate change contribute?

20230216-AB-01-042_750x500.jpgAmadeus Bramsiepe
Minister for the Environment of the State of Baden-Württemberg Thekla Walker visits KIT

During her visit to KIT, Michael Kunz presented CEDIM's research activities to Thekla Walker, Baden-Württemberg's Minister for the Environment, Climate and Energy Management.

Michael-Kunz-700x550_rdax_98p.jpgAmadeus Bramsiepe
How can we deal with natural disasters

Michael Kunz answers in the KIT student magazine ClicKIT

Paper_750x500.jpgSusanna Mohr
Recently published Highlight Paper in NHESS

PART1 of the July Flood 2021 two-paper series "A multi-disciplinary analysis of the exceptional flood event of July 2021 in central Europe" was selected by the NHESS editors as a Highlight Paper.