Accomodation Procedure

Going away from home to begin your studies involves some obstacles. We want to help you to overcome any difficulties and feel comfortable in Karlsruhe and at KIT. Therefore we collected some information for a great start.

General information about living in Karlsruhe: 



Information regarding apartment search

or on popular commercial Websites such as

If you are interested in cross-generational contacts and social commitment you can get a cheap apartment within a residential partnership. Students don`t pay rent but help their hosts instead. This project is a co-work from the Parity Social Services and the Student Union.



You want to learn German? Look at INTL! There you find oppourtunities to learn German or improve your German skills. Among others there is a tandem-service from the International Student Center, where you can find a German partner that teaches you maybe in exchange for some teaching in your native language. 



If you want a specific contact person, that is at your disposal for any questions and issues, that occur in your daily student life, you can join the Buddy Program coordinated by the Office for the Integration of Refugees, the House of Competence (HOC) and the International Students Office (INTL).