Recognition of study and examination achievements

Study and examination achievements can be recognised in agreement with the chairman or the deputy chairman of the examination board of the faculty. The recognition is independent of the Learning Agreement and must be discussed and confirmed in advance.

Recognition process:

It is advised to take care of the recognition process early.

Prior to the stay abroad, the possibility of recognition is discussed in an interview with the Meteorology Study Advisor (Prof. Andreas H. Fink or the advisor of the subject to which the performance to be recognized is assigned). The relevant information on the subject content of the modules to be credited, e.g. extracts from the module handbook or similar, should be brought along to the interview. The departmental student advisory service will then make a recommendation to the chairman of the examination board.

The actual recognition will then be carried out by the responsible chairman of the examination board after returning from abroad.

This is to be observed:

  • Recognition as a major subject from the curriculum can be granted if it can be proven that there is agreement both in terms of content and scope.
  • Recognition as a minor or additional subject from the curriculum can take place if the content-related proximity to the subject can be proven.

How exactly does the recognition process work?