Welcome to the Young Investigator Research group 'Mesoscale Processes and Predictability'

In the Research group 'Mesoscale processes and predictability' we investigate the predictability of mesoscale atmospheric processes and summertime convection by exploiting synergies between the modeling and observational perspectives. The Young Investigator Research group is funded for the project INVACODA (Increasing the value of campaign observations through data assimilation to advance convective predictability) and embedded in the Italia – Deutschland science-4-services network in weather and climate (IDEA-S4S network). In this project, we focus on research campaigns conducted with the mobile atmospheric observation plattform KITcube, such as for example the Swabian MOSES campaigns (https://www.atmohub.kit.edu/105.php, https://www.atmohub.kit.edu/590.php) and the TEAMx campaign.