Lots and lots of Questions...

On these pages you will find all contact persons if you are stuck in your search for answers.


You seem to have questions.

In the area of information and consulting we have tried to collect all relevant information and contact persons. Especially at the beginning of your studies you have to cope with many things at once. All the demands can be overwhelming. It is always important that you keep cool. Most first-year students feel the same way as you do. We know that and are there to support you. So if you find that you cannot cope with your new life situation or the demands of your studies, if you need professional support for a lecture, or if you have questions about the legal requirements for your studies (SPO), then take a look around here. We have divided the information into three sections:

  • Information around the start of the study

  • Counseling during your entire studies and thesis

  • Contact persons at faculty level such as the examination board (orientation examination, recognition of achievements, extension of deadlines, etc.), examination secretariat, counseling for students with disabilities and chronic illness, but also psychological support and counseling)

Before you start, we would like to say a few words to you. We try to keep the information about our courses of study as up-to-date as possible. This includes the names of the contact persons in the respective areas. Despite the greatest care, this is not always possible. If you should find errors on the pages of Meteorology just send a short mail to Kathi Maurer. She will then take care that the information is updated as soon as possible. And now have fun browsing!


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