Overview of currently available B.Sc. and M.Sc. thesis topics as well as completed B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses.
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Available thesis topics

Can particle speed be inferred from field observations with optical gate devices?

  • Develop algorithm to infer particle speed from high-frequency intrument signal
  • Participate in international field campaign in September 2022
  • Analyze field data
  • Collaborate with international team

Start date: Summer 2022
Thesis type: M.Sc. thesis

Variability in mineral dust aerosol estimated from global model simulations: Contributions from natural and anthropogenic (agricultural) sources

  • Analyze systematic differences between multiple global model simulations
  • Identify key model runs for which source type (natural/anthropogenic) should be tagged
  • Develop method to constrain dust from agricultural sources
  • Collaborate with international partners

Start date: upon request
Thesis type: M.Sc. thesis or B.Sc. with reduced scope

Flow around aerosol sensor

  • Conduct wind tunnel experiments to analyze flow around instrument
  • Replicate observed behavior with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations
  • Mimic particle transport in CFD using Lagrangian particle tracking

Start date: upon request
Thesis type: M.Sc. thesis or B.Sc. with reduced scope
Comments: Experience with CFD welcome!

You are interested in aerosols, e.g. mineral dust, but your desired topic is not in the list? Or do you have questions about the availabled topics? Contact us (martina klose does-not-exist.kit edu)!

Completed topics

Name Title Thesis type Referee or supervisor Co-Referee Abgabe
Tabea Unser Deriving haboob properties from convection-permitting simulations B.Sc. Dr. Martina Klose Prof. Dr. Peter Knippertz 04/2022
Pedro Gatón Pérez The role of turbulence in Aeolian
M.Sc. Dr. Martina Klose external 09/2021