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The institute deals adresses important scientific questions of the atmosphere and climate and carries out projects in close cooperation with other research institutions. It conveys basic knowledge about the atmosphere and the climate system to students of meteorology and other disciplines in its courses.Findings from research are among others presented in publications and research highlights on this website. In addition, the research results are made available for applications in politics, administration, business and for citizens.

 C. Grams
In search of the culprit for mispredictions of high-pressure situations

Warm conveyor belts associated with low-pressure systems are linked to the prediction of persistent high-pressure systems over Europe

 Markus Breig (KIT)
Interactive globe of the IMK-TRO at Hannover Messe 2022

The South German Climate Office and CEDIM present current projects and results from climate and risk research at the Hannover Messe from 30.05.-02.06.2022.

    EUMETSAT/Dundee University
How to measure the "pulse" of the tropical atmosphere?

New paper led by IMK-TRO’s Peter Knippertz brings together international experts to systematically compare methods to identify equatorial waves

  D. Moses
“Vertical mapping” of airborne microorganisms with measurements from KIT meteorological tower

Meteorological tower at KIT Campus North contributes to research on the microbiome in the atmosphere; the results were recently published in PNAS.

  A. Fink, KIT
Prof. Andreas Fink appointed Fellow of the American Meteorological Society

This year, Andreas Fink is one of 22 fellows, only 2 of them coming from institutions outside the US.

 P. Braesicke
Christoph Kottmeier awarded Alfred-Wegener-Medal of the DMG

On 21 March 2022 Prof. Dr. Christoph Kottmeier, former head of the IMK-TRO institute, received the Alfred-Wegener-Medal of the German Meteorological Society (DMG).

 Bianca Adler
Investigation of the convectively driven boundary layer in the Inn Valley during CROSSINN

Combination of multiple Doppler lidars enables a detailed spatio-temporal investigation of the boundary layer top over complex terrain.

  Pickl et al. 2022
One-sided effect of stochastic perturbations in ensemble forecasts on rapidly ascending air streams

Symmetric perturbations in ensemble forecasts lead to more rapidly ascending air streams and thus change the mean state of the atmosphere in the model

 Quelle: Bernd März / Unwetter-Freaks
Prof. Pinto summoned as expert on Ahr/Erft flood event in July 2021

Prof. Joaquim Pinto appears as an expert witness in the investigation committee of the NRW state parliament on the Ahr/Erft flood event in July 2021.


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