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The institute deals adresses important scientific questions of the atmosphere and climate and carries out projects in close cooperation with other research institutions. It conveys basic knowledge about the atmosphere and the climate system to students of meteorology and other disciplines in its courses.Findings from research are among others presented in publications and research highlights on this website. In addition, the research results are made available for applications in politics, administration, business and for citizens.

 Kim Stadelmaier
New insights into the last glacial permafrost distribution in France

Regional climate model simulations provide new perspectives on the permafrost extent in France during the Last Glacial Maximum

 Heinz Jürgen Punge
Will severe convective storms be more frequent in the future?

This question is addressed by many researchers, but also insurers fear increasing losses.

 M. Maier-Gerber
Improving the predictions of tropical cyclones at lead times of up to five weeks

A combination of statistical and dynamical forecast approaches beats all previous methods from week 2-3 onward

 M. Klose
Mineral dust in storm-resolving global climate simulations

Young Investigator Group contributes to developing the next generation of global coupled Earth system models

 M.Latt, KIT
Successful completion of the "Swabian MOSES" measurement campaign

Both strong thunderstorms passing directly over the measurement sites and the complete absence of predicted events were observed

 Seraphine Hauser
International Workshop on Atmospheric Blocking

A virtual workshop co-organized by IMK-TRO brought together the world leading experts on the dynamics of atmospheric blocking in September 2021

 AG Ch.Grams
First systematic verification of warm conveyor belts in weather prediction models

Warm conveyor belt biases in numerical weather prediction models are potentially linked to biases in persistent high pressure systems.

Peter Knippertz new talent scout of the Humboldt Foundation

Prof. Peter Knippertz was selected as a scout in the Henriette Herz Program of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and can now directly propose foreign researchers for a Humboldt Research Fellowship at KIT.

  Simon Haberstroh
Drought during climate change - A threat to ecosystems?

A DFG project investigates potential impacts of extreme drought and plant invasion on Mediterranean ecosystems.


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