Measurement Systems and Data

Besides the weather stations, the IMK-TRO operates the following mobile and stationary measurment systems:

  • KITcube
    The Integrated Atmospheric Observation System of the IMK-TRO consists of different mobile measurement systems for worldwide deployment. The KITcube combines high-resolution measurements of remote sensing systems with classical in situ instruments. Coordinated scans allow the detailed investigation of convection, clouds and precipitation.
    The KITcube instruments also serve as AERONET station "Karlsruhe" as well as provide additional temporary stations during measurement campaigns.
  • KITmast
    The 200 m high meteorological tower at the KIT Campus North is equipped with turbulence-resolving instruments for wind, temperature and humidity measurements. The tower is further equipped with sensors from the German Weather Service (DWD) and serves as an ICOS anchor station.
  • KITradar
    The C-band dual-pole Doppler radar at KIT Campus North is used to investigate the dynamic structure of individual clouds and cloud systems and for area-wide, continuous precipitation measurements.
  • KITsonde
    A new multi-sensor drop sonde system for high and fast flying research aircraft developed by IMK-TRO. Special feature of the new system are the possibility to use up to 30 probes simultaneously in order to obtain spatially and temporally particularly high-resolution measurements in the area of inhomogeneous zones of the atmosphere and the separation of probe and discharge containers, which allows the integration of new sensor technologies.

Information on measurement data

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